Chandramukhi Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

Chandramukhi Marathi Movie Box Office Collection: Movie Collects Rs 14 Crores INR On Box Office!

The movie Chandramukhi, starring Amruta Khanvilkar and Addinath Kothare, is a huge hit with the public. The film, helmed by Prasad Oak and released on April 29 of 2022, was met with mixed reviews. Surprisingly, the latest Marathi film received a strong response from moviegoers thanks to positive word of mouth.

In case you were wondering, Chandramukhi made Rs 1.21 crore on Friday and Rs 2.53 crore on Saturday. After that, however, the film reportedly saw a drop in its collection but still did well at the box office. The Amruta Khanvilkar-starring film reportedly made Rs 1.9 Crore on its first day in theaters. Similarly, on Monday and Tuesday, the film made Rs 0.80 Crore and Rs 0.98 Crore.

In total, after five days in theaters, Chandramukhi has earned Rs 7.42 Crore. We have yet to see the numbers for Wednesday. Chandramukhi, which was produced for a mere Rs 5 Crore, was a modest financial success upon its release. The Marathi films Jimma, Pawankhind, and now Chandramukhi have done well at the box office in the wake of the pandemic, whereas Bollywood films are still struggling to recover.

Box Office Collection for the Marathi Film, “Chandramukhi”

  • 7 Days India Net Collection ₹ – Cr
  • 7 Days Worldwide Collection ₹ – Cr
  • 7 Days Overseas Collection ₹ – Cr
  • 7 Days India Gross Collection ₹ – Cr

The Marathi film Chandramukhi did well on its opening day, earning about 1.21 crores in India. The second day of Chandramukhi’s release brought in 1.32 billion rupees. A total of $2.53 million was made on day two of the release of the Marathi film Chandramukhi. We estimate that Chandramukhi could make Rs. 2.2 crore on its third day of release.

Chandramukhi Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

The opening weekend for Chandramukhi was very successful. On its first day, it made 1.21 crore (about $160,000). In just five days, the film earned 7.42 crores (about $960,000). In its first week, it grossed 14 crores (about $1.8 million). It premiered alongside two other major Hindi films:

On the evening of April 29, 2022, the eve of Eid, Heropanti 2, and Runway 34 will open. While Chandramukhi did well at the Indian box office, it also received praise from audiences around the world. Theaters showed it earned a lot of money in the United Arab Emirates.

Chandramukhi WeekWise Box Office Collection

Day India Net Collection Change(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday] ₹ 0.3 Cr * rough data
Day 2 [1st Saturday] ₹ 0.38 Cr * rough data 26.67%
Day 3 [1st Sunday] ₹ 0.55 Cr * rough data 44.74%
Day 4 [1st Monday] ₹ 0.23 Cr * rough data -58.18%
Day 5 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 0.32 Cr * rough data 39.13%
Day 6 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 0.2 Cr * rough data -37.50%
Day 7 [1st Thursday] ₹ 0.10 Cr * may earn
Total ₹ 2.08 Cr

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Chandramukhi Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

Chandramukhi Marathi (2D) Occupancy in Main Regions

Region Overall Morning Afternoon Evening Shows
Pune 31.33% 30% 33% 31% 72
Mumbai 26.00% 17% 23% 38% 127
Nashik 28.50% % 32% 25% 7
Sangli 8.00% % % 8% 7
Nagpur 11.67% 9% 5% 21% 12
Aurangabad 14.00% % 6% 22% 12
Kolhapur 17.33% 13% 13% 26% 8


  • Amruta Khanvilkar as Chandramukhi (Chandra) Umajirao Junnarkar
  • Adinath Kothare as Daulatrao Deshmane
  • Mrunmayee Deshpande as Damayanti (Dolly) Daulatrao Deshmane
  • Samir Choughule as Battasharao Gangawle
  • Mohan Agashe as Dadasaheb Saswadkar
  • Rajendra Shisatkar as Nanasaheb Jondhale
  • Radha Sagar as Shevanta
  • Vandana Vaknis as Hirabai Umajirao Junnarkar
  • Sachin Goswami as Sawant

Marathi Film”Chandramukhi”: Plot

When Jamnalal Tripathi, India’s Minister of Industry in the 1980s, passed away, his position was left open. For former Maharashtra chief minister and current political adviser to the federal government’s majority party, Dadasaheb, this is the moment he’s been waiting for. Dadasaheb’s political connections extend to his offspring: both of his daughters have wed lawmakers.

Chandramukhi Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

In the lead-up to the big event, Daulat Rao Deshmane, the younger son-in-law and virtuous minister who could become the next Minister of Industry, takes his wife Dolly and her father-in-law on a pilgrimage. When a photo of Daulat having an extramarital affair appears on the front page of a newspaper during the pilgrimage, it causes an uproar in the political elite.

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The story begins a few months ago, when Nanasaheb Jondhale, a corrupt MLA and Dadasaheb’s older son-in-law, forced his way into the house of a well-known whore, against Daulat’s wishes. He made a break for it, but Ghungroo and Dholki’s voices stopped him.

His natural curiosity gets the better of him, and upon first meeting Chandramukhi’s eyes, he is instantly transfixed by her beauty. He is late for a meeting in Delhi the following morning, so he and Batasharao, a former Songadya, go to see Chandramukhi instead (clown). After that, he started seeing Chandramukhi regularly, and they eventually got together romantically.