Cobra Tamil Movie Review: Is Vikram Chiyaan’s Film Is A Multi-Twister For His Fan?

R. Ajay Gnanamuthu wrote the script and will helm the next Indian Tamil language action thriller film Cobra, which is being produced by S. S. Lalit Kumar under the label 7 Screen Studio. Vikram plays the lead role, and the film also boasts debuts from Srinidhi Shetty (in Tamil cinema), Irfan Pathan, Miya George, Roshan Mathew, Sarjano Khalid, and K. S. Ravikumar.

Pathan, an Indian cricketer, stars in his first film, and Shetty, Khalid, and Mathew make their debuts in the Tamil film industry with this production. A. R. Rahman composed the score and soundtrack, and Harish Kannan and Bhuvan Srinivasan were in charge of cinematography and editing, respectively.

Cobra Tamil Movie Release Date

The worldwide cinema premiere of Cobra had been set for August 31, 2022, however, this date had been pushed back several times. Film’s original release date was set for 22 May 2020, to coincide with Eid Al-Fitr celebrations. However, because of the COVID-19 epidemic in India, the release was delayed.

Distributed by Red Giant Movies
Release date

31 August 2022

Running time
175 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget â‚ą90 crore

Cobra Review

The non-identical twin’s Raja (Mammootty) and Kari (Lal) in ‘Kobra’ spend the whole of the film bragging about how much they adore each other on screen. Extremely wealthy and similarly dimwitted, they want to marry off two sisters so they can keep using the family name. One is too fair and the other, a touch too dark, for most of their family to believe that they are indeed twins, which only serves to strengthen their bond as brothers.

The film opens with the ‘Kobras,’ as the protagonists’ personal guards call themselves, telling their story to some nearby peasants. And while they strive to make Coimbatore their permanent home, they meet John Samuel (Lalu Alex), whose bankrupt business has left him with two daughters, Sherly and Annie, who are selling the family bungalow so that they can continue to manage the family hospital.

Cobra Tamil Movie

The rest of the story focuses on the ‘Kobras’ efforts to save him, defeat the bad guys, and placate his sisters. The senior actors Mammooty and Lal and their henchman go to great lengths in an effort to make the audience laugh, but their buffoonery and one-liners scarcely suffice to make your day enjoyable.

The movie as a whole is a shambles of failed gags and intolerable drolleries, with Salimkumar and Raju contributing their fair share of botched tries. As usual, Mammootty is endearing as a poorly written character full of fake banter, while Lal is up to his old antics. Padmapriya, Lalu Alex, and Kaniha all deliver as expected of their characters.

The film’s technical aspects—namely, its camerawork (by Venu) and background music (by Deepak Dev)—are its only saving grace. Finally, the boxing ring climaxes are captured with great care. Overall, ‘Cobra’ isn’t exactly the kind of movie you’d want to see just once. But if you’re okay with mindless, logic-free entertainment, this could be something to keep you occupied.

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Cobra Tamil Movie



  • Vikram as Madhiazhagan / Cobra
  • Srinidhi Shetty as Bhavana Menon (voiceover by Raveena Ravi)
  • Irfan Pathan as Aslan Yilmaz
  • Miya George
  • Roshan Mathew
  • Sarjano Khalid
  • Padmapriya Janakiraman
  • Kanika
  • Mirnalini Ravi
  • Meenakshi Govindarajan


“A connection exists between the protagonist and the cobra. To say more at this time would be to give too much away. The film is being shot in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi, therefore I needed a title that will translate well. So, naturally, we focused on Cobra.” Seven Screen Studio and Viacom18 Studios’ producer S. S. Lalit Kumar revealed their plans for a new film starring Vikram in May of 2019.

Cobra Tamil Movie

R. Ajay Gnanamuthu, whose previous credits include Demonte Colony (2015) and Imaikkaa Nodigal, serves as the film’s director (2018). The producers have announced that the film will be released in April 2020 during the summer holiday throughout all of India (in the languages of Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu).

Viacom 18 dropped out of the project for unknown reasons, delaying the film’s start till October of this year. A. R. Rahman was brought on board to compose the film’s score. The New Indian Express reported on 2 August 2019 that Vikram would appear in the film in 25 guises.

Dhilip Subbarayan, the stunt choreographer, was also a member of the technical crew. It was previously announced that Sivakumar Vijayan would be in charge of photography, but he has since been replaced by first-timer Harish Kannan.

Plus Points

The narrative is the book’s strongest suit. Ajay’s direction is superb. The likes of I and Ivan Mugan, both of which Vikram directed, have made him a household name for their suspenseful and innovative qualities. In his long career, he appeared in numerous suspense films. That said, this one may leave you speechless. His performance excels in high points. The supporting roles make the audience stick to the picture.

Cobra Tamil Movie Review

K.S. Ravikumar made a special segment in the film. In addition to a formidable hero, this picture features an equally formidable villain. With the integration of mathematical concepts, the movie is really wonderful! The script and cinematography are both top-notch. The crowd was drawn in by Rahman’s melodies, both in the songs and the instrumental accompaniment.

Minus Points

There are still several areas where Cobra falls short. It contains some faults in different scenes. There’s talk of promoting women to leadership roles. She appeared purely as a visual treat. To make it feel more organic, some scenes with the family may be included.

Aside from the fact that it isn’t set in India, the film has a very lavish visual style. This could be what causes people to stop caring.

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Cobra Tamil Movie Trailer

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