Has Clickbait’s Nick Brewer Really Betrayed Sophie?

Even though it’s been almost a week since the premiere of the twisty Netflix miniseries Clickbait, viewers are still debating the show’s many possible outcomes and interpretations.

In the thriller, Adrian Grenier’s character, Nick Brewer, is kidnapped in connection with a crime committed online.

As the viewers undertake their own sleuthing, Nick’s friends and family do the same, revealing the dark secrets at the story’s core.

Is There Any Truth to The Rumors that Nick Brewer Cheated on Sophie?

Even though the picture isn’t crystal clear, it seems safe to assume that Nick didn’t physically cheat on Sophie. Nick’s seeming infidelity towards Sophie within the dating app is clarified somewhat by the final paragraph.

Did Nick Brewer Really Cheat on Sophie in Clickbait?

Dawn, Nick’s ex-coworker, was caught red-handed catfishing on Nick’s dating page after she discovered his correspondence with Mandy Harrison.

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Once Dawn picked up where she left off with Nick and Mandy, we observed that Nick had second thoughts about talking to Mandy and had stopped reacting to her.

Nick’s actions here disprove any claims that he cheated on Sophie with Mandy and instead show that he was merely interested in having an affair with her.

Nick’s lack of devotion was revealed when Pia and Sophie learned that he had cheated on them with women he met online in the past.

After Nick gave Dawn the password, she continued their communication with Mandy and created more phony profiles using his likeness.


Was It True that Nick Explicitly or Laught Sarah to Kill Herself?

Nick is not responsible for the horrific act of facilitating Sarah’s suicide, as has been suggested.

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Sarah’s brother Simon kidnapped Nick out of guilt for Sarah’s murder. On the other hand, Simon realized that the pictures of Nick and Sophie were doctored and released Nick.

Dawn was ultimately shown to be the mastermind behind the catfishing and the one who encouraged Sarah to end her own life. premiere of the twisty Netflix miniseries Clickbait

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