Don box office collection: ‘College drama’ is Sivakarthikeyan’s second-best opening day collection!

Don box office collection: ‘College drama’ is Sivakarthikeyan’s second-best opening day collection!

With his coming-of-age humorous drama Don, actor Sivakarthikeyan, who had his first big hit in Kollywood cinema during the golden period, has done it again at the box office.

It was just 25 days ago that Karthikeyan appeared in Doctor, a hugely successful comedic thriller that made more than Rs 100 crores in its first week of release. Now, the same can be said about his most recent outing.

The film’s music and poignant passages between father and son, as well as Don’s comic timing, have all been hailed as the film’s strongest points by critics and audiences alike.

Box Office Collection

Considering the Film’s Boc, the Teaser, the Critical Reception, and The Prior Performances of Its Stars, It Appears Like Everything Is Working in The Film’s Favour.

We previously predicted that the film will bring in a gross sum of Rs 8.5 to Rs 10 Cr** on its first day of release. Now, according to the latest sources, it made a gross of Rs 9.47 crore on the first day (Friday).

KGF2 has taken in a similar number of theatres as Don, with over 180, compared to the earlier expectation that the action film KGF2, which is doing amazing across all box offices, including Tamil Nadu, could reduce the film’s collection.


Now, Sivakarthikeyan actor needs to gather over Rs 10 Cr revenue in the subsequent two days to make the first weekend successful. as the movie’s box office receipts soared on its first day of release.

For a two-day total of Rs. 21,50 crores, the collegiate comedy-drama raked in Rs. 11.50 crores on Saturday, a 15 percent increase over Friday. The weekend’s total will be around Rs. 34 crores or so at the end of today’s business, according to estimates.

A HIT at the very least, the Saturday business has ensured that the film can even go on to be a BLOCKBUSTER depending on how it goes from here on. An increase of roughly 10% over the film’s opening day saw it take in Rs. 9.50 crores in Tamil Nadu on Saturday.

On a non-holiday second day, growth in business for big openers is exceptionally rare in Tamil Nadu. On the second day, Baahubali 2 was the only film to have an increase in ticket sales, but even that film had a release difficulty on the first day that impacted its debut.


On the second day, even KGF 2, which had a remarkable trend in the state, had a modest decline. However, only Monday will be able to determine whether or not the gains shown on the second day are indicative of a strong long-term trend. If Monday is able to stay above Rs. 5 crores in Tamil Nadu, a final of Rs. 80 crores plus, or even Rs. 100 crores, may be achievable in the state.

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Screen Counts

As previously mentioned, the Sivakarthikeyan-starrer is also being released in Telugu, therefore it is expected to do well in Telugu-speaking states over the weekend. More than 220 cinemas will show the film in the AP/TG region.


Anirudh Ravichander‘s soundtrack and Cibi Chakaravarthi’s direction were both highly acclaimed by Manobala Vijayabalan, who rated the film 3.4 out of 5 stars. It received 3 out of 5 stars from the Times of India, India Today, and India Herald, which all lauded the film by deeming it a “theatre see.”

It appears to be the first recent Tamil film to receive wonderful reviews from both film critics and fans alike. According to pre-orders, the domestic market is poised for a strong start.

don box collection

‘Don’, Sivakarthikeyan’s latest film, was released yesterday, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive since the first screenings. The positive buzz surrounding the film has boosted subsequent showings, resulting in a respectable audience turn out even on a weekday.

According to the latest information on ‘Don’ box office collection day 1, the college drama has achieved Sivakarthikeyan’s second-best opening day collection. ‘Early morning screenings of Don’ were held across the country, and the film also had several international premieres.

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