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Drive to Survive Season 5 Release Date and How to Watch?

The Drive to Survive series on Netflix is excellent. It focuses on Formula 1, but motorsports enthusiasts are not required to enjoy it. In fact, you may enjoy the series more than a die-hard F1 fan because you may not be familiar with the outcomes of certain races, which makes the episodes more interesting. F1 enthusiasts, on the other hand, perceive things from a different angle. It’s a win-win situation.

Drive to Survive has provided us fantastic insight into the last four F1 seasons, the teams, and the drivers by focusing on the drama on and off the track, and it will continue in 2023. Netflix has confirmed a fifth season, and we also know when it will arrive.

This article contains all the information you need about Drive to Survive season 5, including its release date and viewing instructions.

Drive to Survive Season 5 Release Date

It has been revealed that Drive to Survive’s fifth season will premiere on February 24, 2023.

The release schedule is comparable to that of the previous season, so this is not really unexpected. It allowed the 2022 Formula One season to conclude and production to be finalised.

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 How to watch Drive to Survive season 5

As with the previous four seasons, Netflix will host the fifth season of Drive to Survive. As with Bridgerton, it is restricted to the streaming service, so you’ll need a membership if you want to watch future seasons or catch up on older ones.

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What to Expect from Drive to Survive Season 5

Drive to Survive season 5 teaser trailer and release date | GRR


We anticipate season 5 of Drive to Survive to follow a similar structure to prior seasons. If something isn’t broken, why fix it? We would therefore anticipate that each episode would focus on one or two teams and the buildup to a certain race or events. There will likely be further interviews with the drivers and team principals, and you will receive insight into the drivers and their rivalries, as well as any drama.

You will also receive commentary from F1 journalists such as Will Buxton, who offer a unique viewpoint or opinion on events occurring off the track.

We do not know which teams or drivers have consented to participate, but the season is shaping up to be quite exciting, especially with the new constraints put on the manufacturers.

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Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Renault, and Scuderia Ferrari all participated last season, along with drivers like as Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo, George Russell, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, and Sergio Perez.

Max Verstappen did not appear in season 4 despite having appeared in prior seasons; however, the driver is in discussions with Netflix for season 5 and it appears he may return. As a guest on the podcast Pardon My Take, Verstappen stated regarding Drive to Survive: “I won’t be too harsh about it at this time. I have spoken with those in control and operating the show. So, I believe we’ve truly reached a good future agreement… I believe we have a solid idea of how we can operate together in the future. So yeah, I’m sure you’ll see a bit more of me in the next one.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, has been an integral part of the show for the past four seasons, so we don’t anticipate to miss too much of the Red Bull action even if Verstappen is unable to return to full health.

Is There a Drive to Survive Season 5 Trailer?

Yes, Netflix has released the Drive to Survive season 5 trailer, giving us an idea of which drivers will be returning. You may view it down below.


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