Everyone in Bigg Boss 16 Can Count On Me To Be There For Them Whenever They're Feeling Down Or Lonely!

Shalin Bhanot: “Everyone in Bigg Boss 16 Can Count On Me To Be There for Them Whenever They’re Feeling Down or Lonely”

One of the Bigg Boss contestants in the current season, Shalin Bhanot is causing some commotion within the house. He is referred to as the genius inside the house for everything he does, from forging new relationships—with Sumbul or Tinaa Dutta—to losing his temper.

Shalin had previously stated, prior to his admission, that he truly wanted this season to be recognized for having no conflicts and that he wanted to be a friend to anyone who was feeling down inside the house.

When questioned about his initial thoughts after actually accepting the show, Shalin made light of them by calling them “gesture oriented.” He said, “Gesture oriented in the sense ki aap apna haath mathe pe maarte ho aur sochte ho ‘yaar pange le liye’ (Gesture oriented means you literally put your palm on your head and think, “shouldn’t have gotten screwed up in this’) Usually, after spending money and riding a roller coaster, we come to terms with where we have been. Bigg Boss is comparable to it.

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“The feeling that you receive is something you’ll never experience again,” concluded Shalin. You cannot experience the same feeling you do before entering a home on a roller coaster. You are capable of experiencing every feeling that a human being is capable of experiencing simultaneously.

Shalin had competed on the reality show Roadies, so when we pointed out that he must have experienced these nerves before the program years ago, the actor insisted, “No, I’m telling you, that was nothing. This is distinct from that. At least there, food was given to us. Here, we’ll have to work together to complete every task.

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Everyone in Bigg Boss 16 Can Count On Me To Be There For Them Whenever They're Feeling Down Or Lonely!

Additionally, the actor aspired to make good friends inside the mansion. I hope we all meet wonderful individuals, have fun together, and look out for one another,” he remarked. After this season, I hope people will remember that there was once a Bigg Boss when love won out over conflict.

When asked about a trait he hoped would help him succeed, he immediately replied, “my love for people and my smile.” He continued, “I promise that everyone inside the house will have a companion whenever they feel lonely, depressed, or anxious. They are welcome to come to me and be completely honest. I am a reliable friend.

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Shalin also admitted that he hasn’t watched any Bigg Boss seasons. If I had known, I never would have said yes. I’m only so optimistic because I haven’t seen the earlier seasons, he laughed and added.

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