An Interview with Vishnu Kaushal About His Role in "Feels Like Home 2!"

An Interview with Vishnu Kaushal About His Role in “Feels Like Home 2!”

Web series ‘Feels Like Home’ creator Vishnu Kaushal, who is best known for his comedic videos, will be seen in a reprise of his role as Avinash in the show’s upcoming second season.

In explaining how his character will develop from the first to the second season, he said: “That life is more nuanced than that, I believe, was something we tried to convey in the show. It was a complex situation in which no one could be said to be inherently good or evil. If your best friend is in love with your girlfriend, what should you do? All in all, it’s just a very strange and uncomfortable situation.”

The web series centers on a group of four friends and the bonds they share. Avinash’s character has grown and developed throughout the second season. He has learned to manage his vulnerabilities and is no longer terrified of the outside world. As a result, the four friends are shown to have strong friendships despite their many differences.

He elaborated on his personality by saying: “Avi, on his path to manhood, encountered these feelings for the first time, and the second season explores how a young man learns to accept and even embrace them.

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An Interview with Vishnu Kaushal About His Role in "Feels Like Home 2!"

In what ways does he succeed or fail, and what precisely does he succeed or fail to succeed at? I don’t think he was being selfish or selfless; I just think it was all a part of his journey. But he was growing up and becoming more responsible as time went on.”

Vishnu went into greater detail about his experience working on the show, saying: “The ride since the first season has been enjoyable, in my opinion. Much affection was shown to us. To tell you the truth, it was a lot more than I had hoped for considering it was my first show.

People told me I had done an excellent job, and the reception was very positive. Sharing feelings, negotiating relationships, or maturing as an individual are all ways in which people can connect with one another and learn from one another.”

Starring Prit Kamani, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Anshuman Malhotra, Himika Bose, and Inayat Sood, the show was developed by Sidhanta Mathur and directed by Sahir Raza.

‘Feels Like Home 2’ is all set to release on October 7 on Lionsgate Play

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