Fingertip Season 2 Review: Everything We Know About This Web Series In 2022!

Fingertip Season 2 Review: Everything We Know About This Web Series In 2022!

Today’s society revolves around technology and social media, and the majority of people own a smartphone. This has made life a lot easier, but it has also introduced new risks.

Shivakumar Srinivasan and Rohit examined this in the second season of Zee5’s Fingertip. The second season, which contains eight episodes, is being billed as a thriller and features well-known Tamil actors Prasanna, Regina Cassandra, and Aparna Balamurali, as well as Kanna Ravi, Sharath Ravi, and Vinod Kishan.

Fingertip Season 2 Details

You may learn more about Fingertip Season 2 by reading what we’ve said about the show’s release date and other pertinent information that we’ve provided in our previous post. Which actors will appear in this web series,

who is the director of the online series, and where is the web series going to be released are some of the questions we have. Detailed information on this web series is available to you because it’s so great,

and you can see the names of the actors we’ve mentioned on it and follow the intricacies of this web series that we’ve described. A great deal of information is also available.

Web Series Details
Web Series Name Fingertip Season 2
Release Date 17 June 2022
Online Platform Original zee5
Country India
Language Tamil
Trailer Release Date 11th June 2022
web Series Type Crime thriller
Director Shivakumar Srinivasan
Cast Prasanna, Aparna Balamurali, Regina Cassandra,

Vinoth Kishan, Kanna Ravi, Sharath Ravi

The Plot of Fingertip Season 2

Psychologist Shruti (Aparna Balamurali) is featured early in the series when she works with a teenage girl who is distraught that her boyfriend has been filming their relationship in the hopes that it will be published online.

As part of her work with the police, she explains to them the perils of living in a digital age and how mental diseases like depression and suicide ideation can arise from a variety of sources.

Fingertip season 2 review

ACP Arivazhagan (Prasanna), who tells her that he wants to know more about these concerns, is present. Another actress with a strong dislike for her nose is introduced in the form of Priya (Regina Cassandra).

Even as a great actor, she is haunted by the trauma she suffered as a child because of her nose, and she is determined to have rhinoplasty to fix it.

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Review of Season 2 of Fingertip

Fingertip Season 2 web series has received a positive review from critics. and then that application is stolen and he goes to the police and has the complaint made and then when his investigation starts, the policeman is not able to quickly figure out whose fingerprint is attached like this.

When that female is finally apprehended and this web series is developed, it’s a win-win situation. If you haven’t seen Fingertip Season One, I recommend that you do, because the Season 2 web series will be released on June 17, 2022,

and if you’ve seen Season One, you’ll be able to understand Season 2 very well, so if you haven’t seen Season One, I recommend that you do, because Season 2 will be released on June 17, 2022, and if you haven’t seen Season One, I recommend that you have.


Subscribing to this OTT platform will allow you to view this web series with ease. You will be able to view any new web series as soon as it is launched, so don’t miss out. Look at the series trailer to learn a little more about the plot, as it provides a brief summary of the web series or film’s storyline.

If you’d like to see the trailer, I’ll tell you where to find it. Because this web series has a compelling premise, we’ve provided a trailer for your viewing pleasure that can be seen at the URL provided below. You can also get the clip on YouTube. and a stellar group of actors who all performed admirably; as a result, you should enjoy this web series a lot.

season 2 Fingertip Cast

On the basis of the foregoing, we’ve provided you with the cast members’ identities for the Fingertip Season 2 web series, which you may review to learn more about the actors that were in the show.

The series includes an extremely good star cast whose names we have given on the basis of the above factors like Aparna Balamurali, Regina Cassandra, Khanna Ravi, Shradh Ravi, Vinod, and Kishan aside from these even more good ones are featured in this web series who have done pretty well.


You can watch this web series on 17th June 2022 on Zee 5 OTT platform very easily and enjoy it because all of the actors we mentioned to you guys have done a great job.

  1. Prasanna,
  2. Aparna Balamurali,
  3. Regina Cassandra,
  4. Vinoth Kishan,
  5. Kanna Ravi,
  6. Sharath Ravi

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