Godfather Trailer Starring Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan Has Gone Viral

Godfather Trailer Starring Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan Has Gone Viral!

The first trailer for the upcoming political action film Godfather, starring Chiranjeevi, Nayantara, and Salman Khan, was released last night. With over 6 million views, the trailer has gone viral.

As announced on the official Konidela Pro Company Twitter account, “The #GodFather conquers YouTube, #GodFatherTrailer trending #1 with 6M+ views, #GodFatherOnOct5th, Megastar @chiranjeevikonidela @beingsalmankhan #Nayanthara @directormohanraja @musicthaman @suresh.selvarajan @alwaysramcharan #RBChoudary

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The chief minister of a state dies, and his daughter (Nayanthara) isn’t interested in taking over the party. Meanwhile, his son-in-law (Satya Dev) and a few others in the party are engaged in a power grab. Brahma (Chiranjeevi), the slain stalwart’s trusty man, is lured into the murky affairs and is eager to keep the greedy sharks at bay.

Chiranjeevi is excellent in the dual role of Brahma and “GodFather.” Chiranjeevi has a natural flair for style that shines through in his portrayal. The presence of superstar Salman Khan in the film increases the impact of the scene. The two of them combined make for a visual treat.

The film was directed by Mohan Raja and produced by Konidela Production Company and Super Good Films. The release date of this reimagining of the Malayalam film Lucifer (2019) is set on October 5th, 2022.

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