Heropanti 2 Collection Day 10: Is Runway 34 and KGF Chapter 2 beat Tiger Shroff’s film?

Heropanti 2 Collection Day 10: Is Runway 34 and KGF Chapter 2 beat Tiger Shroff’s film?

Heropanti 2, starring Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria, was expected to launch to great acclaim and smash box office records after the first film’s enormous success. However, the box office isn’t exactly swooning over it.

There were conflicting reviews for the film when it premiered, and the crowd didn’t seem to enjoy it. Heropanti 2’s 10th day at the box office was disappointing, despite a solid opening weekend.

Collection of Heropanti 2 at The Box Office

Only around Rs, 24 crores was earned by Heropanti 2 in its first week at the box office. Though it was projected to do well over time, the film’s box office numbers continued to decline.

In major city multiplexes, it’s not doing well. Reports say that on Day 10, the film brought in Rs 5 crore. Heropanti 2 was written and directed by Ahmed Khan and Rajat Arora, respectively.


The movie has a running time of 142 minutes… The cast is superb, and the film has amassed over Rs 2 crore at the international box office. The film premiered with a 25 percent occupancy rate on the first day of distribution.

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About Heropanti 2

Ahmed Khan was the director of Heropanti 2. In the film, Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria play the main characters. His Bollywood debut was Heropanti alongside Kriti Sanon if you didn’t know.

After that, he’ll be working with Kriti again in Vikas Bahl’s upcoming film Ganapathy. Tiger Shroff made his film debut with ‘Heropanti,’ which was released in 2014. Despite the cheesy, outmoded plot, it was evident that a new star had emerged.

Tiger Woods exuded a youthful, millennial allure with his athletic frame, honed abs, and psychedelic movements, making him appear poised to go farther than his father, Jackie, ever had.

‘Heropanti 2’ shows how little Bollywood has changed in terms of plot and treatment after eight years. As a hacker and hacker extraordinaire, Tiger Bablu’s past is convoluted. From Yorkshire to Egypt to China and even Varanasi he has traveled the world this time.

The “Heropanti 2” Cast

  • ‘As a child of the gods’: Tara Sutaria
  • Babloo Ranawat, Tiger Shroff
  • Siddiqui portrays Laila in the movie
  • In the role of Azaad Khan, Zakir Hussain
  • As a Mark, Mark Smith
  • Dogra Naresh Gosain
  • Amrita Singh portrays Hema in this film.
  • Vikas Verma in the role of Ustad
  • Zahid Malik in Oliver’s body.
  • The appearance of Kriti Sanon in a song
  • Navneet Malik starred as Inaaya’s boyfriend in the film, along with a host of other talented performers.

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The “Heropanti 2” Review:

Babloo is back with his Heropanti, which features ripped muscles, six-pack abs, high-octane action, and a double dhamaka. According to the plot, Babloo, an unstoppable one-man army, is out to chase down the villains and kick their a**es off in order to safeguard the globe from cybercrime.

However, Heropanti 2, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, has a lot more to offer action movie fans than just the sequel to Hero. After directing the Baaghi franchise, Ahmed Khan reunites with Tiger Shroff.

And, as with his past works, the story takes a back seat to the promise of watching a hot hunk participate in a high-octane action duel. Stunts and thrills await you in the second half of the film, with just the right amount of masala and explosives to keep you entertained.


Ram Chella- Lakshman Chella, Parvez Shaikh & Kecha Khamphakdee’s action sequences in the film are excellent, but the hero and even his phone manage to survive a massive explosion in the film’s finale.

After a while, Rajat Arora’s writing loses its luster and assumes too much from the viewer. Because of this, the plot loses all sense and logic and ends up being ridiculous.

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His love, the self-made billionaire sister of Laila Saran (Tara Sutaria), may lead him to even more problems and become an obstacle for him. A honey trap for Babloo, or the other way around? As the story progresses, new details emerge, keeping the audience interested.

The stunts in the film were devised by Ahmed Khan and his action crew in order to make it a Hollywood-style movie like Mission Impossible and Fast And Furious. In addition, the film’s action is unrelenting and the dialoguebaazi is amusing, but the film’s predictable plot leaves much to be desired.


The on-screen intensity and high-flying action in Tiger are both intriguing. It’s the appropriate seeti-maar phrase for his character and the stunts: “sabko aathi hain, meri jaati hain.” Aside from the fact that she’s the movie’s star, Tara has a minor role.