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Hospital Playlist Season 3: Released Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know!

Hospital Playlist is a South Korean television series created by Lee Woo-Jung and directed by Shin Won-ho (Korean: Hanja: RR: Seulgiroun Uisasaenghwal; lit. After Prison Playbook (2017–18), this is Wise Life’s second book. Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, and Jeon Mi-do star in the movie.

Every Thursday from March 12 to May 28 of next year, tvN will air the first season’s first episode.

After airing on television in South Korea, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and countries where English is the primary language, each episode was made available on Netflix in those regions. For its first season finale, the show had become the ninth most popular Korean cable television drama of all time.

When: June 17, 2021, to September 16, 2021, the second season of “Game of Thrones.” Nielsen Korea reports that the first episode had a viewership of 10.007 per cent, making it the most-watched premiere in the network’s history. The Hospital Playlist cast is taking advantage of their adoring audience members. In 2020 and 2021, the hit tvN and Netflix Korean medical drama became one of the highest-rated cable television shows. The second season of the K-drama Hospital Playlist ended on a tearful note, but there is still more to be discovered. Hospital Playlist Season 3 may not be an easy decision, but the cast’s reunion proves otherwise.

Director Shin Admitted that A Third Season of ‘hospital Playlist’ Was Far from Certain.

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Fans of Hospital Playlist Season 2 were left in tears as their favourite doctors embarked on new relationships and personal journeys at the end of the season. Fans were ecstatic when a new romance was confirmed with a kiss at the end of the season.

It’s not uncommon for longtime friends to develop romantic feelings for one another. The news that one of their favourite characters would be heading to the United States to pursue a career in medicine caused some consternation among fans. As a group of doctors, they became best friends in medical school and now work together at the same hospital.

When it comes to Korean dramas, this one is a rare exception. Despite the K-enormous drama’s success, director Shin previously stated that he had no plans to extend the run beyond the current two seasons. Apparently, the third season of Hospital Playlist was not going to happen soon because of health concerns.

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Season 3 of Hospital Playlist Will Be Released on This Date.

Hospital Playlist’s second season premiered on Netflix on June 17, 2021, and ended on September 16, 2021. tv in Korea airs the premiere of each episode, followed by a simultaneous release on the streaming service. The episodes in the second round run anywhere from 78 minutes to 113 minutes.

We’ve uncovered some interesting tidbits about the third season of the show. According to an insider, the season 2 finale will be the final episode of the series.

Despite this, there is still some hope. For starters, the cast and crew expressed their desire to return for a new season if the show is ever recommissioned, following the news.

The possibility of a third season has long been discussed publicly, despite the fact that no formal arrangements have been made at this time.

Shin Won-ho, the show’s writer and director, said during a press conference for the second season that the drama’s original goal was to run for three years.

However, he informed the actors that they could work on other projects while the details were being worked out. This raises the spectre of a revival for this medical comedy-drama.

However, because the cast members have already committed to new professional endeavours, it may not be until Spring 2023. Because of all of these factors, we expect the third season of ‘Hospital Playlist’ to air around the middle of 2023.

Who’s in The Running for Season 3 of Hospital Playlist?

If a third season of the show is approved, we can assume that the cast members who play the show’s most important characters will return.

They include Lee Ikjun, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung and Jeon Mi Do (Chae Song-Hwa).

In addition, we may see the same actors play the same roles over and over again. To name a few, the group includes Ahn Eun-jin (Choo Min Ha), Shin Hyun-been (Jang Gyeo-wool), Ha Yoon-Kyung (Heo Sun Bin), Kwak Sun-young (Lee Ik-sun), and Kim Joon (Lee Wo Jo) (Jung Rosa).

Are There Any Suggestions for Season 3 of Hospital Playlist

hospital playlist season 4

The group of pals undergoes a number of changes in the second season. It begins as if Song-Hwa is dismissive of Ik-proposal jun’s for a relationship, but it soon becomes clear that she can no longer resist her feelings for her friend.

Ik-jun kissed her because he knew exactly what she wanted. Even though his OB/GYN colleague Min-ha may be leaving the country, Seok-Hyeon confesses to having feelings for her.

If there is a third season, we will learn more about the romantic lives of the five friends. The question is whether or not Song-young Hwa’s son will accept him into the Ik-family Jun. Even though he’s always known her as his father’s friend, he may need some time to get used to the idea of them having a sexual relationship.

Min-relationship ha’s with Seok-Hyeon might provide insight into how he’s been able to open up to others. If the show is renewed, we will also see the medical team dealing with unusual situations and medical emergencies.

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