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Human Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Season 2 of Vipul Shah’s medical thriller web series Human will premiere in 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar and feature Kirti Kulhari as the series’ lead actress. The series is helmed by Vipul Shah and Mozez Singh.

Season 2’s cast of stars will be changed, and we’ll see a few new faces. Season 2 will be without Kirti Kulhari, who has already passed away.

What we should expect in season 2 is a lot more about Ram Kapoor’s rise to power, the rise of Manthan Big, and how Gaurinath (assuming she is still alive) deals with him.

About Human Web Series Season 2

An Indian neurosurgeon and the proprietor of a Bhopal hospital named Manthan, Dr. Gauri Nath (Shefali Shah), and her cardiac surgeon hire, Dr. Saira Sabbarwal (Kirti Kulhari), are entangled in human trials for novel medicine.


Death and ruin are all around since the new medicine has terrible side effects, which the two doctors were not aware of at the outset. This time, it’s a young immigrant worker (Vishal Jethwa) with a family history of medical experiments who’s on the verge of bringing down the entire system.

Politics, corruption, and an insatiable desire for power lie at the heart of all wrongdoing. Vayu Pharma, based in Bhopal, is featured in the show’s opening credits. Medication is being tested on rats in this laboratory.

According to this opening scene, a number of concerns, such as drug testing on the poor and gullible, brutal methods used by big hospitals and pharma corporations, and their politics, will be addressed in this series.

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Date of Season 2 of The Human Web Series

The first episode of the Human Web Series was released on January 14, 2022. Hotstar and Disney+ have set February 2023 as the premiere date for Human Web Series Season 2.

On February 16th, 2023, the Human Web Series was renewed for a second season. Indian drama series Human Web Series Season 2 may be found on the web. There will be a lot of Thriller in this series.


Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Aashin Shah direct and produce the second season of the Human Web Series. This season’s editor is Sirsha Ray. Many thrillers are featured in this series, as well as real-life heroes who battle for what they believe in.

Season 1 of The Web Series Human Recap

Set in Vayu Pharma’s Bhopal laboratory where a drug is tested on rats, the series’ opening scene sets the tone for its examination of hasty drug trials on the poor and innocent people, as well as big hospitals’ harsh methods, the politics of pharmaceutical businesses, and many other topics.

In the West, medical thrillers are not uncommon, but in India, they are. Vipul Amrutlal Shah (who also wrote and directed the show) and Mozez Singh (who also co-created the program) should be commended for adopting a less-traveled route.

The film reveals how drugs are first tested on lab rats, and then on humans before they’re deemed safe for use and placed in the marketplace. It also exposes how the Bhopal Gas Tragedy continues to plague the people, 37 years after the Union Carbide chemical leak.

In order to keep you interested in this show, there are numerous parallel plots and subplots that keep you from missing anything. Meanwhile, the show examines the politics of a well-known hospital’s board of directors,

human_season 2

as well as how stupid people are enticed to participate in a medication study without being fully informed of the risks and possible adverse effects. Furthermore, many individuals are dealing with multiple crises in their own personal areas at once, which adds another layer of complexity.

The open marriage and lesbian themes also get in the way of the show’s fundamental message, making it feel like there’s too much going on. Those moments, though, are when you wish that the show’s producers had kept the length in check.

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Season 2 Cast of Human Web Series

Sr. No. Real Name Role Name
1 Indraneil Sengupta Neil
2 Kirti Kulhari Dr. Saira Sabharwal
3 Aditya Srivastav Ashok Vaidya
4 Ram Kapoor Pratap Munjal
5 Mohan Agashe Mohan Vaidya
6 Shefali Shah  Dr. Gauri Nath
7 Seema Biswas Roma
8 Atul Kumar Dr. Snehal Shindy
9 Shruti Bapna Sucheta Shekhawat
10 Aasif Khan Asif Khan
11 Sandeep Kulkarni Pramod Ahuja
12 Gaurav Dwivedi Dr. Vivek Shekhawat
13 Sushil Pandey Mangu’s Father
14 Vishal Jethwa Mangu

Human Web Series Official Trailer