James Spader and Cast of The Blacklist Celebrate 200th Episode

James Spader and Cast of The Blacklist Celebrate 200th Episode

The 200th episode of The Blacklist will premiere in the new year, giving fans, even more, cause to look forward to the show’s return. James Spader and the rest of the actors are now working on it, and it’s our hope that we’ll have a chance to see something truly remarkable when this debuts on NBC.

In celebration of this major anniversary, there was of course a party and typical cake on the New York set, and you can see an official photo above! This shot depicts Hisham Tawfiq, Anya Banerjee (who is playing Meera’s daughter Siya Malik), Spader, Harry Lennix, and Diego Klattenoff rejoicing in front of many of the team, and they all have a reason to be proud.

Some of these folks have been around this program for a solid decade, and it is insanely hard to keep a show like this to remain on the air for so long.

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When can you expect to watch this episode? Since it will be the fourth episode of season 10, we’d like to think it will have some added significance. Typically, these milestones mean you push the envelope more; it is either that or you try to do something to celebrate the full run to date.

We’re expecting either something that is super fun or something that really pushes the mythology of Raymond Reddington further in a manner that we haven’t seen in a long. Keep in mind that this plot was put on hold for Season 9; is there any hope that this will change? And what was the outcome of Reddington’s health scare?

If all goes well, we should get some official word in the coming months that season 9 will indeed premiere in January.

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