John Cena Accused of Stealing WWE Lines From Rap Tracks!!

John Cena Accused of Stealing WWE Lines From Rap Tracks!!

John Cena has been the face of the WWE for a long time. He has put on amazing shows at PPVs after PPV, and his feuds with other wrestlers have kept fans excited.

The 16-time World Champion has a lot of fans in the WWE world. The crowd chants his name with excitement in every episode he has been in.

John Cena has also tried acting, and he’ll be in the next Fast & Furious movie with Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, and other people. However, a former WWE star has made accusations against John Cena, which could hurt his reputation a little.

John Cena Is Accused of Stealing Storyline Ideas from A Former Wwe Star: Report.

This is what Tyler Reks said about John Cena’s alleged theft of one of his storylines back in the day when he appeared on The Lewis Nicholas Show a while ago.

Reks said, “We went to John and said, “This is a lot like what we put on a DVD.” Is this a bad thing that happened? “Naw, now,” he said. “Naw. This is different.” The storyline we just came up with isn’t going to be as cool when we do it.

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Tyler Reks, who left WWE in 2014, said that John Cena used his storyline with other stars like Miz and R-Truth.

Reks said, “The next week, that storyline moved forward, and it was very much like what we had planned. Miz and Truth jumped John at the end.”

We used the term “being Burchilled” because Paul Burchill would pitch things all the time, and creative would use them for someone else.

There was a time when we asked Cena, “Are we being Burchilled?” and he said: “Yes, you did.’ He told us outright that he stole our things and used them and left us at the bottom.

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Despite all this, Reks says he has no bad feelings for the world’s best-known person. He said that things are different now, but that the whole thing helped him learn how the industry works.

In the next part, he said, “John Cena is the top guy for a reason, and if that’s how things were handled, more power to him.”

He is one of WWE’s best-known stars, and there’s no disputing that. It took Cena a long time to get the company into Hollywood, but he was able to make it there in the end. Then again, he might have had some chances.

One of Cena’s first WWE moves was based on freestyle rap acts. Cena played a heel rapper who would rap about his opponent before the match. Before the match, he would do freestyle rap about his opponent and make fun of them.

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Before his first WWE title win against John Bradshaw Layfield in 2005, Cena dropped the Thuganomics gimmick because he didn’t like how it made people laugh. As the Dr. of Thuganomics, Cena came up with different rap lines to make his opponents look bad. It’s time for him to be called out for taking a few of those lines.

According to Copywrite, John Cena stole the lyrics for his performances on WWE TV, so he could sing them. A legend in underground hip-hop says that Cena used lyrics from Copywrite without permission to be a rapper.


If you don’t like Cena, you can listen to a new diss track called “Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?” “The High Exalted II” is a follow-up to Copywrite’s 2002 album “High Exalted.” This song is on the new album.

In the diss track, Copywrite takes a lot of shots at Cena and talks about the whole thing in great detail, revealing that the WWE star has a habit of taking lyrics from him and a few other rappers. He also gave a few examples to back up his claim.