Love, Victor Season 3: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

Love, Victor Season 3: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

Season 3 of the LGBT teen coming-of-age sitcom Love, Victor premieres during this year’s Pride Month. For those who haven’t yet seen the landmark Love, Simon film about an Atlanta-based gay youngster, this romantic comedy follows in their footsteps.

Love, Victor uses the same formula, although it centers around a new lead. Victor (Michael Cimino) struggles with his sexual orientation as he adjusts to life at a new high school. He calls out to Simon (Nick Robinson, returning as narrator) for aid and support as he embarks on a voyage of personal discovery.

Benji (George Sear) and Rahim (Jamie Chung) are in a love triangle, and Victor is caught in the middle (Anthony Keyvan). Victor must select not only who he wants to be with, but also who he is as a person. All the information you need to know about watching the third season of Love, Victor online.

The Release Date of Love, Victor Season 3

Season 3 of Love, Victor will premiere in the United Kingdom on June 15, 2022, at 8 a.m. GMT. Similar to Hulu and Disney+ in the US, the series is being launched on Disney Plus in the UK at the same time.


It will have eight episodes, which is less than the previous two seasons, which had ten episodes in total each. There will be a single release date for all of the episodes.

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Will This Be the Last Season of Love, Victor?

It has been revealed that the third and final season of Love, Victor will be it’s last. Victor and his pals’ saga will come to an end in the eight remaining episodes. In a video confirming that this is the final season,

the cast shared heartfelt messages for the fans and the show on social media. Speculation has it that the final season will focus on the teenagers’ plans for the future after high school, according to Variety.

There is a fresh set of challenges that Victor (Michael Cimino) and his pals have to work through to make the best decisions for their futures with post-high school plans looming.”


Victor, a freshman at Creekwood High School, is the subject of the first season. His path of self-discovery is depicted in the series, which deals with issues at home and with his sexual orientation. When high school becomes too much for him to handle,


he reaches out to Simon. As he adjusts to this new reality, Victor and Benji’s friendship is put to the test several times owing to Victor’s family and a new possible love interest in the second season, which follows his coming out.

The Cast Of Season 3 of Love, Victor

The cast of Love, Victor will return to their roles for the third and final season.

  • Michael Cimino as Victor Salazar
  • Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks
  • Anthony Turpel as Felix Westen
  • Bebe Wood as Lake Meriweather
  • Mason Gooding as Andrew
  • George Sear as Benji Campbell
  • Isabella Ferreira as Pilar Salazar
  • Mateo Fernandez as Adrian Salazar
  • James Martinex as Armando Salazar
  • Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar
  • Anthony Keyvan as Rahim
  • Ava Capri as Lucy

No doubt Michael Cimino will return as Victor Salazar in the series’ closing episodes, as he faces some difficult choices. Although the future of Victor and Benji’s relationship has been thrown into doubt by the recent finale, George Sear (Alex Rider) will return as Victor’s on-off boyfriend Benji Campbell.

The third season will see Ava Capri return as Lucy, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend and Benji’s buddy, who had a fling with Lake in the second season finale. Other returning cast members include Mekhi Phifer as Mia’s father Harold,


Sophia Bush as his new wife Veronica, and Betsy Brandt as Felix Westen’s mother Dawn. American Horror Story star Nico Greetham has joined the cast as a regular character named Nick,

a new friend that Victor makes while attending church. Aside from the parents Armando and Isabel, James Martinez and Ana Ortiz portray Victor’s siblings, Pilar and Adrian, in the Love, Victor cast.

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“love, Victor” Season 3’s Storyline

Finally, Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) has come to terms with his sexuality in the third and final season of ‘Love Victor’ Season 3. Rather than focusing on who he wants to be with, we witness Victor, a high school student,

go on a journey of discovery of his own identity. Victor and his pals must be ready to face a new set of challenges as they plan for life after high school so that they can make the best decisions for their futures.

This time, Victor will have to choose between Benji (George Sear) and Rahim (a newbie), putting him on an emotional roller coaster (Anthony Keyvan). When it comes to selecting who he wants to be and who he wants to be with,


this season is all about Victor’s voyage of self-discovery,” the official synopsis states. In order to make the greatest decisions for their futures, Victor and his buddies must solve a fresh set of difficulties as their post-high-school plans approach.

Love, Victor Season 3 Official Trailer

In season 3 of Love, Victor has a trailer available. Is everything as it looks in this season-ending clip? You can find it here. Season two conclusion sees Victor decide whether to maintain his relationship with Benji or start a new one with Rahim.

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