Modern Love Hyderabad Review

Modern Love Hyderabad Review: Everything We Know About This Web Series in 2022!

The Modern Love Hyderabad anthology series is based on a weekly New York Times column titled Modern Love. Modern Love, an American sitcom, was based on this piece. The three Indian versions of the series, Modern Love Mumbai, Modern Love Chennai, and Modern Love Hyderabad, will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

The first Indian anthology Modern Love Mumbai premiered. The premiere of Modern Love Hyderabad is set for July. Nagesh Kukonoor, Devika Bahudhanam, Venkatesh Maha, and Uday Gurrala are the four filmmakers of Modern Love Hyderabad.

Modern Love Hyderabad Released Date

The Modern Love Hyderabad movie will be released on July 8th, 2022,  It is a six-episode romantic comedy anthology that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. The six-episode series will feature “six stories of love in Hyderabad.”

As a teaser aired on June 24, the Modern Love Hyderabad release date was given. More than 1.6 million people have viewed the Modern Love Hyderabad teaser since it was launched on June 27.

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Review: Modern Love Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad, with its rich and diverse culture, served as an ideal setting for stories about the many shades of love that exist. Nagesh Kukunoor, the filmmaker who started the parallel cinema movement with Hyderabad Blues, is back as a producer and director on this anthology.

In addition to directing three episodes, Venkatesh Maha, Uday Gurrola, and Devika Bahudhanam were responsible for the others. These tales were brought to life by all of them, and they were all excellent. Iconic landmarks like Charminar and the Statue of Buddha were seamlessly interwoven into the scenes and added a real feel to these stories.

As MM Kiravani wrote and sang the show’s theme song, it would continue to resonate long after the show had ended. A wonderful anthology was put together by Nagesh Kukunoor, Shashi Sudigala, Bahaish Kapoor, and the complete technical team.

Modern Love Hyderabad

While portraying Noori Hussain and her mother, Meharunnisa, in “My odd pandemic dream partner,” Nithya Menen and Revathi both seem at ease in their roles. However, you won’t be impressed simply by the performances of these two actors; you’ll be astounded by the authentic depiction of the old city and the delectable Hyderabadi / Nizami cuisine.

Aadhi Pinisetty and Ritu Varma star in Fuzzy, Purple, and Full of Thorns as Dr. Uday and Renuka, respectively. As a couple, they’re a lot of fun to watch. Romance and marriage are shown in a contemporary yet classic light in the story.

It appears that the couple’s parents are happy with their living arrangement, yet they keep recommending marriage. Both fanciful and amusing are how the couple’s relationship is disrupted when they discover a pair of fuzzy, purple shoes in their wardrobe.

Modern Love Hyderabad: Story

Affection in the Present Day A six-part anthology series, Hyderabad features six distinct tales. In each story, there is a different form of relationship and a distinct dimension of love. All of the stories revolve around the universal human emotion of “love.”

A wide range of people and ages are able to see and experience it. the bond between a mother and daughter, a couple with understanding challenges, and the relationship between the grandmother and her granddaughter are all examined in this collection of six stories.

producer-comedian connection, father/daughter relationship, and a girl who can’t decide who she wants to be in life with all come together in this story. The city of Hyderabad serves as the setting for all of the stories.

Plus Points

Modern Love Hyderabad Review

The show’s writing is unquestionably its most valuable attribute. The original performance was reworked to fit our audience’s preferences and cultural backgrounds. They did an excellent job with both the mother and daughter having to stay in quarantine or the overprotective father who surreptitiously spies on his daughter for her safety.

To put it another way, the plots are fairly straightforward. These tales may be heavy, yet they are told in a lighthearted style, full of touching moments that lift our spirits. The stories and the city’s history worked together well. In a lighthearted way, the show depicts the complexity of modern relationships. The dialogue is well-crafted and full of nuance.

The characters are likable because the settings are well-crafted. Regarding the performances, I must say that each and every one of them was outstanding. The stars of the show are Suhasini, Naresh, Nithya Menen, and Revathy. It is impossible to forget the tales of Revathy and Nithya Menen as well as Naresh and Ulka Gupta.

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Minus Points

Conversely, the narration isn’t always up to par, and some programs drag on unnecessarily. A few sequences may have been cut from a few episodes in order to make the story more enthralling.
The show has a sluggish tempo that may have been improved upon.

This is because the plots are so easy and predictable by the time they get to the finish. A few characters are given a small amount of screen time, but this does not make them stand out. One or two episode endings should have been improved for greater impact.

Modern Love Hyderabad Official Trailer

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