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Will There Be a Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death?

The second season of Our Flag Means Death has recently ended production, so here’s all we know about it thus far, including cast information.

The romantic comedy on HBO Max that follows the bumbling pirate captain Stede Bonnet as he tries to build a name for himself as a pirate while falling in love with Blackbeard has been one of the most talked-about shows of the year.

The series, conceived by David Jenkins and directed by Taika Waititi, who acts as Blackbeard, finished its first season on an emotional cliffhanger, prompting fans to demand Season 2.

Thankfully, a second instalment was announced during Pride Month, and there is now an abundance of information regarding the future season. So far, this is what we know.

Is There an Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Release Date?

At the time of writing, there is no known release date for Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death.

However, we do know that it will be released in 2023, preferably during the first half of the year.

As of this week, according to the show’s creator, David Jenkins, production on the series has concluded. Therefore, it appears we won’t have to wait too much longer!

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 cast: Who is starring in the next season?

Thankfully, it seems like most of the Our Flag Means Death cast will be back for Season 2.

This cast list includes:

  • Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet
  • Taika Waititi as Blackbeard
  • Vico Ortiz as Jim
  • Con O’ Neil as Izzy
  • Samson Kayo as Oluwande
  • Ewen Bremner as Nathaniel
  • Joel Fry as Frenchie
  • Kristian Nairn as We John Feeney
  • Nat Faxon as The Swede
  • Leslie Jones as Spanish Jackie
  • Nathan Foad as Lucius Spriggs

After Blackbeard threw Lucius Spriggs overboard at the end of Season 1, it appeared that he might have died, but he is likely to return at some point.

Sadly, Guz Khan, who played one of Blackbeard’s crewmates, will not be returning. According to his Twitter, he will not be returning owing to industry and production considerations.

Is There an Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Trailer?

Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death does not have a trailer, as filming has only recently concluded.

But if you need a refresher on how the first season unfolded, you may view the finest moments here.

Do we know what will happen in Our Flag Means Death Season 2?

As of this writing, there is no official plot summary for Season 2 of Our Flag Means Death. Nevertheless, we can anticipate what will occur based on the conclusion of the previous season.

Season 1 concluded with Stede and Blackbeard discovering their love for one another, but calamity was inevitable. Stede fled to his wife after a perilous meeting, abandoning Blackbeard, who reverted to his aggressive habits owing to his abandonment.

This included marooning the majority of Stede’s crew, although he did abduct two of them to stay onboard. Additionally, he shoved Lucius into the water, causing him to drown, thus it is evident that there is a great deal of damage that must be repaired in the upcoming season.

Our Flag Means Death season 2: release date, cast, and more to know -  Polygon

After having a heart-to-heart with his wife – and after she attempted to murder him – Stede regained his senses and set sail once more; the last we see of him is him arriving on the island where his crew has been marooned.

It appears that Our Flag Means Death will focus primarily on the reunion of Stede and Blackbeard and the ensuing drama. David Jenkins stated in an interview with Decider that “the show is the romance.”

“We reach a point where this breakup occurs. What occurs after a breakup between two people, one of whom has recognised he’s in love and the other of whom has never been hurt so deeply? What effect does that have on each of them in an action-packed pirate environment where they are desperately attempting to find each other?”

Jenkins stated in an interview with Verge that Izzy is “truly in love with Blackbeard, and it’s a really dysfunctional type of love, and he’s like the jilted spouse who’s losing his man to Stede Bonnet, and he can’t believe this is happening.” Therefore, he will likely be a villain again next season.

Ultimately, each episode will undoubtedly contain an abundance of comedy, romance, and pirate antics, and we cannot wait.


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