Prince Louis

Prince Louis Wasn’t Acting Rebellious when He Did This Sweet Thing for His Mother Kate!

With this kind act during a special activity, Prince Louis showed that he and his mother Kate Middleton had the strongest relationship. Fans defended him, saying that he ‘wasn’t being a rebel’.

  • Prince Louis showed he has the closest bond with his mom Kate when he chose to put his handprint next to hers.
  • The Wales youngster didn’t want to put his print where his mom had suggested and instead placed it beside hers on the wall of the Scout hut.
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By placing his handprint next to Kate Middleton‘s, Prince Louis gave the clearest indication yet of his close relationship with his mother. When the young man from Wales visited a scout hut to volunteer as part of the King’s coronation Big Help Out initiative earlier this week, his moniker was made public in a rare public moment(opens in new tab)

The child, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday, tried his hand at leaving his footprint on the wall after making and eating s’mores with his ‘frugal’ sister Princess Charlotte, playing archery, and jumping aboard a digger.

Prince Louis, known for his cheeky behavior (opens in new tab), behaved politely during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as one admirer noticed on Twitter: “He wasn’t being “a rebel” he just wanted to leave his handprint next to his mother’s.

When a video of this incident was released, it was somewhat out of context. In addition to painting Catherine’s hand, Prince Louis instructed her on where to place her handprint, prompted her to wash her hands, and then very kindly requested that he repeat the process.

The Twitter user further stated, “When Catherine told him there was a space where he could put his handprint, he decided to do it somewhere else, right next to his Mum’s handprint.”

The cute exchange can be seen below.

Prince Louis asked if he may make his mother’s wall print again after assisting his mother with it. Mom Catherine said, “Where are you going to put it?” as soon as her son’s hand was finished painting.

She said, “Look there’s a gap there! “, indicating a location higher up the wall. Louis decided to place his print next to his mother’s at the bottom of the wall rather than reaching high, so he knelt down to do so before standing back up to wash his hands in the bowl of soapy water.

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The sentiment was shared by another admirer, who wrote on Twitter, “There is nothing hyper about this child, he beautifully behaves, and I can see his impulse control too.”

When I hear others call him a rebel or a handful, I respond, “No, he’s a 5-year-old boy,” said a third supporter. He is doing absolutely fantastic for his age, in my opinion.

Fourth supporter: “So sweet. He desired to leave his handprint alongside his mother’s. Such a sweet, content little boy.