Rohan Joshi's Apology to Raju Srivastava Receives Negative Reactions!

Rohan Joshi’s Apology to Raju Srivastava Receives Negative Reactions!

It has always been drilled into me that everything has its time and place.

It’s the right moment to start dating, the appropriate time to declare your love, the right time to apologize, and the right time to give someone the boot. For the avoidance of doubt, the correct timing is nearly never the day that “someone” dies.

Recently, Rohan Joshi a comedian made an insensitive remark about the death of Raju Srivastav.

He began by declaring that the world had lost nothing with the passing of the famous comic and ended by stating, “good riddance.”

As criticism of his insensitive timing and word choice mounted, Rohan quickly removed his initial comment and issued an apology.

‘After a minute of fury, I realized today is not about my personal feelings,’ he said. ‘Yehi Soch Kar Delete Kiya Kyuki. I appreciate the perspective and apologize if the words stung.

To provide some background, this was his initial reaction to the passing of Raju Srivastav:

Say it with me: “We haven’t lost a thing. After the new wave of stand-up began, Raju Srivastav grabbed every opportunity he could to s*t on contemporary comics, whether it was Kamra, roast, or any comic in the news. Every time he was invited to go s** on some new arty form he didn’t understand and called insulting, he went on every f*all news station and made a fool of himself.

He was funny at times, but he didn’t get the importance of laughing at oneself or defending another’s right to an opinion even if you disagree with it. It’s time for him to depart, and thank God for that.

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Fans are just as unsatisfied with the comedian’s apologies as they were with his original comments, and they have flocked to social media to criticize him for his provocative statements.

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