Ruhaniyat Season 2 Release Date: Is This Series Coming Soon In 2022?

In the world of film and television, there are a plethora of possible pairings for an ideal coupling. Roohaniyat presents us with an unusual relationship between the protagonists. A perfect romantic connection with the belief in a soulmate can be found in the story of a man who is cold and separated from the idea of love, Roohaniyat.

Two people with very different views on love are the focus of Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann’s star-studded romantic drama. An intriguing murder investigation and a 15-year age gap add another layer of intrigue to this sweet romance.

Released Date of Ruhaniyat Season 2

Roohaniyat, an original series from Mx Player, has been renewed for a second season due to fan demand. We received complaints that season 1 was too long and that an additional season was unnecessary.

However, many viewers enjoyed the show and are now requesting for it to be renewed. Ruhaniyat season 2 premiered on Wednesday, the 18th of 2023, as one of the most-watched web series. Even after 13 episodes and a total runtime of about 30 minutes, the series was still unfinished,


yet Actors Aman Verma, Smita Bansal, Kanika Mann, and Yuvika Chaudhary also star in the series… Ankush Mohla is the show’s creator and director. The season was made available in other dubbed languages on Mx Player, including Hindi.

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Season 2 Cast of The Web Series “Ruhaniyat”

  • Arjun Bijlani is the author.
  • Kanika Mann is the author of this article.
  • Choudhary, Yuvika
  • She is Geetika Mehandru.
  • In the words of Shaan Grover:
  • The name of Aman Verma
  • Smita Bansal is the CEO of the company.

Story And Review Of Ruhaniyat Season 2

A web series called Roohaniyat recounts the life of Saveer Rathod (Arjun Bijlani), who is going to marry his fiancee, Ishanvi (Anushka Sharma) (Yuvika Chaudhary). Because of his aversion to surprises, he asks her not to do anything special for him on his birthday.

Ishanvi, on the other hand, delivered the shock of his life. He is devastated, perplexed, and in mourning after she breaks up with him.

When it comes to love, Saveer doesn’t believe in the concept of a “forever.” He claims that “forever is a falsehood.” Even though she’s been left hurt by her past relationship, 19-year-old Prisha (Kanika Mann) doesn’t agree with him.


Prisha is smitten with Saveer as their paths meet, but she is oblivious of certain facts. The relationship between Saveer and Prisha is the central theme of the series.

These love triangles have appeared before, and not just in MX players. This is a bad idea because it doesn’t retain the audience’s interest or attention. The characters are still in their soap opera mode, thus the writing is sloppy. You can watch Roohaniyat on MX Player if you enjoy romantic comedies.

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Roohaniyat Season 2 Trailer