Salman Labels Shalin Bhanot "Shameful" for Disrespecting a Doctor!

Bigg Boss 16: Salman Labels Shalin Bhanot “Shameful” for Disrespecting a Doctor!

The second week of Bigg Boss Season 16 has been an emotional roller coaster, to put it mildly. The dynamics of relationships are changing as we have seen numerous buddies turn into enemies.

If you missed it, Bigg Boss, the Salman Khan-hosted reality series, recently returned with its 16th season. Even though the show has only been live for a little over a week, we have already witnessed the contestants dispute over everything, including food and available space. Today was no different, as usual.

Salman Khan, the host of Shukravaar Ka Vaar, criticizes Shalin for his “shameful” interactions with the doctor who visited the Bigg Boss house to check on him. Shalin mistreated the doctor and spoke to him with the highest disdain in the earlier incident. You’re not qualified, he told the doctor, adding that he needed someone with more education because he has only studied MBBS.

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When questioned about his initial thoughts after actually accepting the show, Shalin made light of them by calling them “gesture oriented.” He said, “Gesture oriented in the sense ki aap apna haath mathe pe maarte ho aur sochte ho ‘yaar pange le liye’ (Gesture oriented means you literally put your palm on your head and think, “shouldn’t have gotten screwed up in this’) Usually, after spending money and riding a roller coaster, we come to terms with where we have been. Bigg Boss is comparable to it.

In reaction, Shalin was called out by the Wanted actor during the performance, who informed him, “I believe it was incredibly shameful. Apke dil main koi izzat hai, Paisho ko liye? Aap koi VIP nahi hai, Yaha par. (Blended translation: Do you have any regard for people’s professions? Here, you are not a VIP.

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Salman Labels Shalin Bhanot "Shameful" for Disrespecting a Doctor!

Due to this conversation, Shalin attempted to clarify, and Salman Khan said, “Abhi toh Sirf jacket nikala hai, shirt nikalne par majboor mat, Karo.” Don’t make me remove my shirt right now; only the jacket has been removed.

In the meantime, speaking of Shalin, this week we witnessed the TV actor grabbing the spotlight for many reasons, from arguing with Archana to expressing his love for Tina and misbehaving with the doctor.

We’re excited to witness how the dynamics between the housemates in Bigg Boss 16 develop over the course of the next week and the hundreds of mind games that have already been played.

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