Shalin Bhanot Faces Backlash as He Inquires About The Heights of Abdu's Family Members

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot Faces Backlash as He Inquires About The Heights of Abdu’s Family Members!

Abdu Rozik has risen to prominence in the Bigg Boss 16 fan base in a matter of days. His popularity has skyrocketed in a short amount of time. However, an episode of Salman Khan’s controversial reality program has angered Abdu’s admirers, and it’s all Shalin Bhanot’s fault.

On Thursday, contender Shalin Bhanot was overheard asking fellow competitor Abdu Rozik about his relatives’ height. I’d like to ask you something very private if that’s okay. This was a question Shalin directed at Abdu. Shalin followed up the singer’s affirmative response with, “Your parents have nice height or…?” Abdu said that each of his parents, his sister, and his younger brother are also very tall. He said, “It’s only me bro.”

While Shalin Bhanot‘s inquiry has piqued some interest, it has largely dissatisfied the internet at large. Many online commenters felt the actor should have known better than to ask such a potentially offensive question.

This question could have been avoided, at least for the time being, but it’s #ShalinBhanot. You could have posed that question later when communication was easy and your friendship was solid. “You seldom talk with him & ask this sensitive question straight away- really awful,” read the Tweet below.

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In the same show, Abdu Rozik advised MC Stan to not let what others say to hurt him. Many Instagram users have been leaving me negative comments recently. The fact that they call me “Kachra,” or “Bad, Very Bad,” only serves to fortify my resolve. It’s inevitable that there will be times of sadness in this life. Bigg Boss is great, he told the Rapper, since he’s teaching him so much about life.

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