Shalin Bhanot Removes Mic, Feels Scared in The House

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot Removes Mic, Feels Scared in The House!

At the beginning of this month, the 16th season of the popular Indian reality television show Bigg Boss debuted, and it quickly became a rating success. This season’s early premiere of the Salman Khan-hosted show, which has received widespread praise for its high-quality storytelling and thrilling action, has further added to the show’s popularity.

In this season, the house guests include some of the most well-known names in the entertainment business. In the most recent episode, participant Archana made an accusation against Shalin Bhanot, which caused him a great deal of distress. However, what happened next was absolutely unexpected.

Bigg Boss called the housemates together in the living room and revealed that the rules had been flagrantly disregarded during Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia‘s reign as captain. As a result, her captaincy duties were redone, and she was relieved of her duties. It was Shiv Thakare and Gautam Singh Vig who rang the bell first this time around.

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Shalin Bhanot Removes Mic, Feels Scared in The House

In the garden section, they were observed standing with baskets on their heads, watching contestants fill them. Shalin attempted to stop Archana from putting luggage in the basket by stopping him. He had struck her inadvertently while trying to squeeze by her.

Archana is indignant and accuses him of striking her. As they returned to the house following the work, Achana was overheard demanding justice, and many others backed her up, having witnessed the occurrence themselves. One of them, Sajid Khan, became angry with Shalin, took off his microphone, and walked out.

He revealed that he will not tolerate living with an antagonistic male. Sajid Khan’s reaction stunned Shalin, who, in turn, yanked out his mic and walked out into the yard. Later, he was also observed showing signs of emotion. In the future, when Sajid Khan came to apologize to him, he backed away, claiming that Khan makes him feel intimidated.

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