Star Singer Season 8 Winner: Ridhu Krishna Has Been Crowned the Winner of Star Singer Season 8 Malayalam Reality Show!

Star Singer Season 8 Winner: Ridhu Krishna Has Been Crowned the Winner of Star Singer Season 8 Malayalam Reality Show!

There will be a grand final between Akhil Dev, Jeril Shaji, Arjun Unnikrishnan, Kritika S, Milan Joy, Vishnupriya Ramesh, and Ritu Krishna following a series of hard battles and vital rounds. Season 8’s musical journey was judged by Malayalathinte Vanambadi KS Chithra,

G Venugopal and Manjari, and Sarath and Stephen Devasya, singers and music directors respectively. The Star Singer Season 8 Grand Finale will air live on Asianet on Sunday, June 19th, at 06:00 P.M. local time.

The biggest Malayalam music reality program, Star Singer, has a new champion: Rithu Krishna. This year’s winners were awarded their trophies by the stars of Indian music, KS Chithra, and Shreya Ghoshal. The runners-up are Akhil Dev,

Arjun Unnikrishnan, Jeril Shaji, Kritika, Milan Joy, and Vishnumaya Ramesh. Founder and Chairman Dr. Roy C J presents the winner with the key to the Rs 1 crore flat furnished by Confident Group.

Star Singer Season 8

Following a popular vote that saw Vinay Madhav expelled from the Bigg Boss House, Ridhu Krishna claimed the prize of Rs 1 million.


Asianet has announced that the fourth season of Start Music will begin on June 25th at 8:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. To begin airing after the conclusion of Bigg Boss Season 4, Adi Mone Buzzer Season 2: Fastest Family is scheduled to air Monday through Friday.

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There are also well-known artists and actors in attendance to support and enjoy the performances of the participants. The winner would receive Rs 1 crore in cash. Famous playback singer Shreya Ghoshal will go on stage to provide a musical feast for the audience and to offer encouragement to the Star Singer Season 8 finalist.

Season Winners Finalists
1 Arun Raj, Kavita Jayaram Arun Raj, Kavita Jayaram
2 Najim Arshad Durga Viswanath , Thushar M K, Arun Gopan
3 Vivekanand, Sonia Gayathri , Jins Gopinath , Rahul, Prasobh
4 Joby John Sreenath Nair, Preethi Warrier, Anju Joseph, Vidhyashankar
5 Kalpana Raghavendra Mridula Warrier , Anthony, Immanuel
6 Merin Gregory Merin Gregory, Nandu Kishore, Megha Sijimon, Shamshad, Rajeev Rajasekharan, And Sukesh Kuttan
7 Malavika Anilkumar Malavika Anilkumar, Reshma , Aslam, VarshaVaisakhy , Janaki , Manu
 8 Ritu Krishna Akhil Dev, Arjun Unnikrishnan, Jeril Shaji, Krithika S, Milan Joy, Rithu Krishna, Vishnumaya Ramesh



As with Indian Idol, the show began in 2006 with Malayalam music director M. Jayachandran as the show’s head judge, joined by a panel of seasoned musicians such as K. S. Chithara, M. G. Radhakrishnan, and Tippu. Deepak Dev.

Jassie Gift. Singers Vidhu Prathap, Biju Narayanan, Rimi Tomy, and Joy John Antony shared hosting duties for the event. Both Arun Raj and Kavita Jayaram became victorious from this year’s season’s field of about 7,000 competitors hailing from all over the country.


In addition to receiving prize money of Rs. 100,000, the winners earned a contract for playback roles in Jayachandran’s future film projects, a partnership with Satyam Audios, and deals for performing at international concerts. Prathap Nair was the show’s executive producer for this season.


This season’s eighth episode premiered on December 27th, 2020. Jewel Mary presented the show. In 2021, the launch event was broadcast live on television. After 43 episodes,

the show was put on hiatus in July 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and reopened with a big event on January 2nd, 2022. On June 19, 2022, Ridhu Krishna has crowned the winner of the competition. Dr. C. J. Roy’s Confident Group awarded him a one-million-dollar flat.

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Elimination Round

There is an “elimination” round at the end of every performance. During the ‘elimination’ round, applicants are purged from further consideration. The judges’ scores and the SMS votes each candidate receives determine which candidates move on to the next round.

The total number of SMS votes received by each contender is not made public. As a result, the audience was not given advance notice of the elimination date or venue. However, the broadcaster continued to encourage its viewers to cast their ballots long after the elimination process was complete.

To say that this had an impact on their brand reputation would be an understatement. However, in a last-ditch effort to save face, the program’s creators fixed this oversight after the seventh step. The program’s own online forum was used to air grievances against it.


In the end, Asianet had to close the forum because of the nasty comments. At the start of each round of elimination, a number of candidates are identified as having slipped into the “danger zone.” If the channel reports that a candidate has not received sufficient scores or votes,

that individual is in danger. When it comes to the elimination phase, it’s usually a tear-jerking experience for both the judges and the contestants. Emotional manipulation is a common tactic used by judges to influence the public to vote.

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