The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far!

The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far!

Fans of BBC One’s comedy The Cleaner, get ready for season two: the show has been officially renewed. Paul ‘Wicky’ Winstead (Greg Davies), a Shropshire-based crime scene cleaner who keeps running into the relatives, coworkers, friends, and neighbors of murder victims when they least expect it is the focus of this German-based sitcom based on the German series Der Tatortreiniger.

After Jon Petrie, the Director of BBC Comedy confirmed that The Cleaner will be renewed for a second season during his speech, the broadcaster committed to spending an additional £10 million on new comedy programming over the following two years.

The Premiere Date for The Second Season of The Cleaner

It launched on BBC One on September 10, 2021, as a British sitcom. Der Tatortreiniger, a popular German comedy, serves as the inspiration for the series.

The show’s official premiere is eagerly anticipated by fans. Because it’s a crime drama that premiered only this year, people liked it after season one and have been anticipating season two ever since.


BBC One’s The Cleaner is expected to be revived for a second season in the near future. The Cleaner’s season 2 will be premiered on BBC One on Friday, December 9th, 2022.

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Who Will Return for Season 2 of The Cleaner?

So far, only Greg Davies, who played Wicky in the first season, has been confirmed to return for season 2.
Given the season 1 finale’s hint at a blossoming romance between Ruth and police officer Zita Sattar, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her return.

Whether any of the first season’s cast members will return or if the series’ second installment will include an entirely new ensemble is still up in the air. The following are some of the possible returning guest stars from Season 1:

  • NEETA, played by Shobu Kapoor
  • Actress Helena Bonham Carter portrays Sheila in this movie.
  • Helena is played by Ruth Madeley.
  • Mrs. Gathernoid is played by Georgie Glen.
  • Terence Redford is played by David Mitchell.
  • Stephanie Cole portrays Vivienne Hosier in this film.
  • Sir James Donald Sumpter
  • Hosea is played by Layton Williams.
  • Jo Hartley portrays Maggie
  • E.S.M.O.’s Tony
  • Weasel, played by Barry Castagnola

Season 1 of The Cleaner: Review

Intriguing as it is, The Cleaner (BBC One) may be difficult for some viewers to accept. Based on the German series Der Tatortreiniger (Crime Scene Janitor), it is created and starred by Greg Davies, who plays Paul “Wicky” Wickstead, a cleaner who is sent to clean up the messes left behind after horrific crimes and tragic deaths.

When Wicky arrives at a new property each week, the “clients,” as they’re called in business jargon, are all different. When he first arrives at the suburban kitchen, it seems like someone has put a cow in a blender and used the resulting paste as wallpaper, making it look like a scene from a horror movie.

cleaner season 2

In no time, he finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with “the Widow,” portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, who is tremendously watchable in everything she does, even this. Heavily disheveled and reaching for lunacy in a big coat are only some of the characteristics of her HBC.

Her husband was stabbed 38 times by the Widow. This isn’t going to take more than five stabs,” Wicky complains. Other than that, it’s just showboating. With a small ensemble, the following theatrical concept manages to accomplish a lot. When Wicky tells her how he can get beetroot out of anything,

she thinks that cleaning is a woman’s work. But really, it’s just a few chemical formulas and a boast about his cleaning prowess. In this one, Davies and Bonham Carter play opposite each other. It takes her only a few minutes to return to the scene of the crime and take him prisoner, so the rest of the show becomes a meditation on domesticity, boredom, and what makes a woman go to such lengths.

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The Plot of The Cleaner Season 2

The first season of The Cleaner left a few loose ends, particularly in regards to Wicky and Ruth’s relationship. Official plot specifics are still pending, so viewers will have to wait for additional information on where the first season left off.

Back in September of 2021, Davies hinted at the show’s future, saying that the possibilities were “limitless” while discussing a possible second season. For me, it’s the fact that this show is willing to tackle challenging topics that fascinate me most about it.” “Then, he added.

cleaner 2

“And by putting in a straightforward, compassionate person as the connecting individual, I think it’s endless where we could go with it and the topics we could talk, things that we could put his naive eyes on.

“I mean, you know, I don’t want to tempt fate, but I would want to continue with it,” he added. “And Mizzi [Meyer, writer of the original German version] made it very plain that she’d be glad for us to, you know, much like other shows have done, to go off on our own trajectory.”

Wicky’s backstory should be explored further in the second season, Davies said, while also “exposing him to increasingly difficult things”.

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