The Mother

The Mother an Action Film Starring Jennifer Lopez Is Now Streaming on Netflix!

JLO has warned us to expect action, emotion, and undoubtedly imperfect mothers in the new Netflix original film, The Mother. Jennifer Lopez is presently appearing on a screen near you in the Netflix film The Mother. Like in Fleabag, where we never learn the identity of our hero, JLO’s character is curiously only referred to as “The Mother” the entire time.

Our anticipation is great because the actress has talked extensively about what to anticipate from her most recent acting role. Expect an unpleasant parenthood discussion thrown into what is intended to be an action-packed two hours, which is not entirely unexpected given the title. Here is the movie’s premise and JLO’s analysis of it.

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What Is the Movie the Mother About?

The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez as a former deadly assassin who is pushed out of hiding to defend the daughter she was forced to give up as an infant, is the sequel to The Mother.

The Mother was a dangerous criminal out for her blood who had recently given birth to a baby that was much sought after. She had also recently been involved in a standoff that had resulted in the deaths of several FBI officers. The Mother was advised that they would always use her daughter, Zoe, to get to her and that she was compelled to get Zoe adopted for both of their protection. When her daughter moves in with a new family, she bids her infant goodbye and departs to live alone in the wilderness.

Twelve years later, the crooks track down Zoe and her life is at risk because they are unable to escape the threat forever. The Mother emerges from hiding when she learns of her daughter’s situation in order to rescue her life and reconcile with her. Expect an action-packed thriller with plenty of car chases and battle scenes to follow with the mother and daughter on the run.

Mother and daughter must learn to work together despite not knowing each other because the mother is determined to avoid the retribution of her pursuers and do whatever it takes to keep herself and her daughter alive. The Mother may not be the ideal mother, but she will go to any lengths to protect her daughter.

What has Jennifer Lopez said about appearing in The Mother?

According to Jennifer Lopez, the film’s principal theme—aside from the action—explores the notion that the ideal mother doesn’t exist.

According to Lopez, the central theme of the film is “How she [The Mother] would do anything to protect her child. I also think… there’s an underlying theme of what it is to be a mother and what the idea of the perfect mom is and how that really doesn’t exist.”

The Mother

The director Niki Caro commented on the maternal issues, saying the movie is “Badass because she (the title character) is and mothers are,” along with Jennifer Lopez and Lucy Paez, who plays her daughter Zoe.

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Who else is in the cast of The Mother?

The Mother’s ensemble cast also includes:

  • Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale, American Horror Story) as Adrian Lovell
  • Omari Hardwick (Army of The Dead, Power) as William Cruise
  • Gael Garc a Bernal (Mozart in The Jungle, Station Eleven) as Hector Lvarez
  • Paul Raci (Goliath, Perry Mason) as Jons
  • Lucy Paez (Silencio, The Exorcism of Carmen Farias) as Zoe
  • Jesse Garcia (Avengers Assemble)
  • Yvonne Senat Jones (The Bobby Brown Story)

After playing the wicked Fred Waterford in The Handmaid’s Tale, Joseph Fiennes immediately portrayed Adrian Lovell in The Mother. He discussed the process of becoming a villain on the big screen with Coming Soon. He stated, “I really just think that’s down to great filmmakers, camera work, brilliant stunt coordinators, and a good bit of makeup – that always helps to amplify the villain.”

Fiennes continued by complimenting his co-star Jennifer Lopez, saying, “She has an extraordinary work ethic, so she is prepared like no one else. She, in terms of the fight, was 100% in it emotionally and knew it inside out in terms of the choreographies. So that combination lent a danger to being in the scene with her, because if you didn’t know your thing, you are, you know, your moves and what you’re doing, you are liable to get knocked out.”

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The Mother: Reviews

The Mothers has received mixed comments according to early reports.

Those at Yahoo! were unimpressed, calling it “decent if forgettable,” adding, “This is supposed to be a big emotional journey for Mother and Zoe and the viewing audience, but I can’t say this movie ever really convinces you to care about this relationship, which is especially odd because there have been plenty of random pairings of adult assassins and non-blood relation children in movies that I’ve felt invested in. The Mother just expects The Mother just expects The Mother just expects.

While celebrating the upcoming Mother’s Day with a non-tear jerker like this, an entertainment journalist on Twitter said, “THE MOTHER was hugely entertaining. And Jennifer Lopez was badass to the bone. A relentless adrenaline-rush action thriller. Interesting to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day with a non-tear jerker like this, but I very much welcomed the change of scenery.”