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What Are Helen Flanagan’s Children? The I’m a Celebrity…South African Star’s Family Life Described!

The former Coronation Street actress has swapped home life for a stint in theI’m A Celeb… South Africa(opens in new tab)series and viewers are wondering who are Helen Flanagan’s children.

She might wonder what she’s let herself in for, swapping home comforts to share a dunny with a bunch of celebrities like Gillian McKeith(opens in new tab)who have been disagreeing over the correct way to hang toilet paper.

But it’s been 11 years since she first went on the show and since then she’s become a mother, and believes this might help her handle the trials better than before.

As we look at all you need to know about Helen’s kids and home life…

Who Are Helen Flanagan’s Children?

Helen Flanagan is mum to three children, daughters Matilda, seven, Delilah, four, and son Charlie aged two with ex-fiance Scott Sinclair.

She quit her role-playing Rosie Webster on ITV1 soap Coronation Street(opens in new tab)in 2021 to focus on being a full-time mother shortly after giving birth to her third child(opens in new tab). She had been on the show for two decades.

She revealed she had a quick birth with her second daughter(opens in new tab), after a water birth(opens in new tab).

Helen recently opened up on the mum guilt(opens in new tab)she feels after employing help from a childminder, following her split (opens in new tab)from her children’s father after 13 years together.

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Helen shared a snap of her with her three children and captioned it, “Chaos every day” and she shared snaps from her time in isolation while filming the show(opens in new tab), where she Face-timed her kids back home.

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Is Helen Flanagan Married?

Helen Flanagan

No, Helen Flanagan isn’t married. She was engaged to former Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair until they split in 2022. She is still wearing her engagement ring on the show, despite no longer being together. Despite previously calling Scott her hubby on Instagram when the pair were still together, they never married.

“We’re so busy with the kids, we keep getting sidetracked,” Helen told The Mirror in November 2021.

Helen Flanagan

“We’ve just moved into our forever home, so we want to do work on that too. Scott [Sinclair] and I have been together for so long now that we’re being lazy about wedding planning.

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“But I do want a big wedding to celebrate the fact that we’ve been together since we were 19.”

Helen later revealed that they might get wed in 2023, during a Loose Women appearance. She explained, “Me and Scott have been together since 2009, we ve been together forever,” told the panel. “We’ve kind of done things the wrong way around. We’ve had three children first…

She added, “Everything’s just so uncertain, everybody s going to get married in 2022 if we get the go-ahead to have weddings abroad, so I think it’ll be super busy. So it might be 2023, but I am really excited to plan that.”