what happened to mike in sing 2

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2? Here Are All Details

In 2016, the film Sing was released. In the popular film, Buster Moon the koala bear is a struggling theatre owner. To prevent the foreclosure of his theatre, he holds a singing contest. His competition brings together many species and breeds of animals.

By the time Sing 2 was released in 2021, a great deal had changed. First and foremost, popular favourite Mike the mouse was nowhere to be found. Even weirder was the fact that his absence was never mentioned in the film. Mike was never mentioned. So what’s going on? We will discuss why Mike did not appear in Sing 2.

Who Is Mike In The Movie “Sing?”

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2

The voice of Mike, a street musician mouse, is provided by Seth MacFarlane. He only appears in Sing. He desired wealth, notoriety, and ladies in his life. He radiated arrogance and avarice, and made no attempt to conceal the fact that he believed he was superior to everyone else.

He was so confident that he would win the singing competition and become wealthy that he acquired a showy automobile before the competition. However, as a musician, Mike has the necessary talents and voice.

He primarily sang jazz songs, such as Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Mike typically wore a red suit, a red fedora, a black tie, and black shoes. His fur was white.

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What Happened To Mike In Sing 2?

Some individuals say that Mike the Mouse departed Sing 2 because he enjoyed gambling. It is believed that he lost everything, including his money, his home, and his favourite fedora, because he became too involved with the Bears’ gambling. Some claim that he did not fit into the sequel’s plot.

Some individuals have even claimed that he was eaten by bears, which we believe is a bit absurd. No matter the cause, fans were disappointed that such a well-known character was absent from the film. Do we know for certain why he was not considered?

It turns out that Mike the Mouse’s absence has never been officially addressed. Not by movie writer and director Garth Jennings or Seth MacFarlane himself. We may never know for certain what occurred, but fan theories may help us cope with the uncertainty.

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A Reddit member named RiffRafe2 posted on the official Sing 2 site claiming they attended a Q&A where Garth Jennings stated that, despite loving Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting, he could no longer stomach the character, which is reasonable, and that’s why he wasn’t in the sequel.

RiffRafe2 also reported that Jennings indicated he could consider bringing Mike back for a third instalment of Sing. Don’t give us any false hope. Since the release of Sing 2 in theatres, people have been discussing Sing 3. There is currently no official statement on the situation. Michigansportszone will notify you if and when this changes.

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