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Is Bradley Jackson Based On Real Reporter

As most of us have come to expect from the actress-turned-multi-hyphenate media mogul, Reese Witherspoon plays many roles in the new AppleTV+ series The Morning Show: She is both the series’ star and executive producer.

Bradley Jackson, a local reporter who is brought onto The Morning Show after a viral video of her fiery personality (and, thus, enormous TV potential) goes viral, will be Witherspoon’s most visible role for viewers. However, did any actual, vocal reporters offer Bradley Jackson with inspiration?

Not precisely, but her television news environment should be fairly recognisable. Jackson is hired not just to replace Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), who is fired for sexual misconduct, but also to mix things up with Alex Levy, the Morning Show’s longtime co-host (Jennifer Aniston). After the allegations against the former co-host, the producers feel an urgent need to enliven the show, and Jackson seems to be the ideal option. Jackson and Levy engage in a power struggle as they search for their new places on and off-screen during this moment of transformation.

Nevertheless, you may have already observed Bradley Jackson’s new appearance. Her previously mousy brown hair (a wig worn by Witherspoon) has been replaced with a shade of blonde that complements The Morning Show’s upbeat atmosphere. The decision to abandon the appearance was not just based on character. Witherspoon provides this and much more information. Keep reading.

Glamour: Bradley Has a Fresh Look for The Current Season. Why Did You Decide to Dye Your Hair Blonde, Which I Assume Is Now Your Natural Hair Colour?

Yes, that is my hair, Reese Witherspoon affirms. We talked with our writer, Kerry Ehrin, and our director, Mimi Leder, how, when Bradley attains the position of chief anchor, she will do whatever it takes to satisfy the network’s viewers. She paints her hair, does TikTok dances, and hosts celebrity events as a result. Uncharacteristically, she is only attempting to get along. Actually, it is somewhat amusing.

Due to the amount of individuals required to manufacture [the wigs], this obstacle would have made my life incredibly challenging during the outbreak. There is a vast technical sector. We actually made a decision on game day that simplified everything for everyone.

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After the Spectacular Season One Finale of The Morning Show, What Excites You About Bradley’s Future Story?

We explored Bradley’s sexual exploration when [head writer] Kerry Ehrin and I began talking about how she was reconceiving season two due to the pandemic. Several of my forty-year-old acquaintances suddenly felt emancipated enough from their upbringing or other constraints to explore their sexuality. That concludes our conversation, and I believe Kerry handled it nicely. In terms of creating one’s identity, 45 years of age brings with it a significant lot of complexity; so, this topic dominated the discussion. Kerry wished to explore Bradley’s relationship with her brother as well as his drug problem. During those sequences, many cast and crew members came me to express that it reminded them of their own sibling relationships.

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