Who is Sreejita De

Who is Sreejita De? Actress of TV Show ‘Uttaran’ Will Be The Contestant in Bigg Boss 16!

Sreejita De is an established star in the field of television acting. After playing Tapasya’s daughter Mukta in Uttaran, the actor, who had previously appeared on shows like Kasautii Zindagi Kay and Karam Apna Apna, became a household name. Sreejita’s fiance is a German national named Michael Blohm Pape. They started dating in 2019, so they are in their first year of dating.

The Bigg Boss 16 house will soon welcome the actor, who was born in Haldia, West Bengal. It will be intriguing to see if Sreejita’s straightforward personality turns out to be a strength, or if she will have to alter who she is to succeed.

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Sreejita, who has 625k Instagram Followers, played the lead role in the Indian television series Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Waah. The 33-year-old actor has made a name for herself thanks to her dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle, which she promotes frequently in online videos.

Sreejita also dabbled in Hollywood when she played the small role of Parvati in the Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar film Tashan. Afterward, she appeared in Luv Ka The End and Monsoon Shootout. Her efforts at the big screen, however, were largely unsuccessful. Taking a look at her Instagram, it’s clear that Sreejita takes great pride in her stunning good looks.

The actor has appeared in a number of television shows and web series. She is credited for her work on the web series Untouchable and RVM Films in addition to the Zee5 series Naxalbaadi. Since 2007, Sreejita has been performing, but she has only two long-running shows to her name so far: Uttaran and Nazar.

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Personal Life

Who is Sreejita De

In January of this year, while out to dinner with friends in Mumbai, Sreejita met her future husband there. Later that year, Michael, a German, got engaged in Sreejita. Sreejita told Nation Next that the couple had planned to get married in 2020 but would now be unable to do so because of the pandemic. Now set to wed in 2022, the couple has big wedding plans.

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