Workin Moms Season 7 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Workin Moms Season 7 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Having children is one of life’s most rewarding experiences; however, no one saves a mother who understands the challenges of raising a child while juggling a full-time job and a home life.

Thank goodness for a show that beautifully and effectively explains this topic. Workin’ Moms on Netflix, that’s what we’re talking about. A Canadian sitcom called Workin’ Moms.

depicts a group of friends who are all working mothers and dealing with the issues that come with it. With her husband, Philip Sternberg, Reitman founded Wolf + Rabbit Entertainment to create the show.

Working Moms: Season 7 Premiere Date

However, if Season 7 is in pre-production we may expect Season 7 to premiere on Netflix in the spring of 2023, which is when we’ll be able to catch up on Season 6 and Season 5, respectively.

As with the previous six seasons, which premiered on CBC in the first few months of the year following pre-production, this one would follow suit. The whole sixth season of ‘Workin’ Moms,’ which premiered on Netflix on May 10th, 2022, is now available to watch online.


It aired on CBC in Canada from January 4 to April 12 of 2022, a few months before it was made available on streaming sites. Each episode in the sixth season clocks in at 22-23 minutes in duration. season 7 of Netflix‘s Workin’ Moms will premiere on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

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In Season 7, The Cast of Workin’ Moms

Catherine Reitman and Dani Kind’s Kate and Anne roles could be revived if season 7 is given the green light. Furthermore, Jessalyn Wanlim and Enuka Okuma are set to return to the show to reprise their roles as Jenny and Sloane, respectively.

Val and Nathan’s actors, Sarah McVie and Philip Sternberg, are also expected to return. Juno Rinaldi, on the other hand, will not reprise her role as Frankie because the character has been completely removed from the story.

A seventh season will almost probably bring back Ryan Belleville (Lionel) and Sadie Munroe (Alice). Martha Girvin (as Heather) and Kyle Breitkopf (as Nick) are two other cast members that we can almost likely expect to see again (Nathan Jr.).

Mason and Nolan Gahan will very certainly return in a seventh season (Charlie). In addition to these, more faces may be added to the cast as the plot progresses and new characters enter the picture.

The Plot Synopsis for Season 7 of Workin’ Moms.

Nathan Jr.’s entrance into the Foster home initially produces some friction, as we see in Season 6. There’s a lot of tension between Anne and Lionel since she refuses to seek help for her anger issues. However, Sloane’s pregnancy makes it difficult for her to maintain a good work-life balance.

After a tragic loss, Jenny informs Malcolm and decides to cancel the wedding, while Sloane gives birth to a baby girl. To help a woman in labor, Val supports her and Anne makes a huge breakthrough with treatment.

workin moms

The moment Kate and Anne realize how much they’ve been missing each other, they immediately call each other and reconcile, only for the latter to suddenly disconnect when she sees Heather.

There’s a good chance that whatever transpired following the cliffhanger will be revealed in the upcoming season 7. What happened between Heather and Anne and how it affected Alice may be shown to us.

A look at Sloane’s experience as a mother and how she balances work and family life will also be discussed. How Jenny’s new business venture does without Malcolm’s help will be interesting to see. Kate and Nathan Jr.’s blossoming romance and Val’s growing self-assurance at work are two more plausible storylines.

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