NASA Predicts ‘The Flooded Cities’


NASA has come up with an alarming prediction and this time it is the list of “flooded cities” which means the cities which shall be affected or come under floods due to ice melting of glaciers. Have a look at this important piece so that you can get aware before it is too late !



  • Another forecast apparatus has been made to anticipate which urban communities could surge as a result of softening icy masses, ice sheets and ice tops caused by a dangerous atmospheric deviation.
  • The discoveries depend on the determining instrument named Gradient Fingerprint Mapping created by the researchers at the US space organization’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • GFM will indicate how touchy nearby ocean level ascent is too frosty liquefy, enabling researchers and organizers to distinguish the ice sheets that represent a greater hazard.
  • The NASA instrument has uncovered that London is among the urban communities which could be influenced and due to dissolving ice sheets in Greenland.
  • It takes a gander at the impact of gravity and the Earth’s turn to foresee how water will be “redistributed” far and wide.




Dr. Eric Larour,  the main researcher on the plan, said that three procedures including gravity and the turn of the Earth.

He stated: “These [ice sheets] are tremendous masses that apply a fascination in the sea.”

“At the point when the ice contracts, that fascination reduces – and the ocean will move far from that mass.”

He additionally said that the Earth resembles a “turning top” that “redistributes water” around the planet.

                Ice is melting … Save It!

“As it turns it wobbles and as masses on its surface change, that wobble likewise changes.

“That, thusly, redistributes water around the Earth.”


  • Mangalore in Karnataka is at a higher danger of flooding from rising ocean levels in view of liquefying ice sheets than waterfront urban communities, for example, Mumbai and New York, information discharged by Nasa appears.
  • Throughout the following 100 years, frigid soften could push up Mangalore ocean levels by 15.98cm contrasted with 15.26cm for Mumbai
  • Mumbai and New York are generally accepted to be the most defenseless.
  • GFM enabled organizers to see precisely how liquefying icy masses can push up ocean levels for 293 noteworthy port urban areas, including three from India – Mangalore, Mumbai in Maharashtra and Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The Indian subcontinent is probably going to lose 14,000 sq km of land if ocean level ascents by a meter, as indicated by a few evaluations.
  • In India, just about 40 million individuals will be in danger from ocean level ascent by 2050, as indicated by a UN report, with individuals in Mumbai and Kolkata at higher hazard



  • The real reasons for ocean level ascent are the warm extension of sea waters.
  • Water develops warming and there has been a stamped ascend in normal worldwide temperatures of seas since pre-modern circumstances.



This is indeed an alarm for the world to come take actions instead of political talks in order to save Planet Earth even if they do not consider it as their Mother Or Father!

Save Earth! Save Us!


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