BSNL Jumps Into Internet Calling With “Wings” App


Thursday was without a doubt a unique day for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), as the state-possessed telco discharged three new administrations. The most recent contributions which BSNL presented in the present occasion involved Wings – the web communication benefit by BSNL. The telco additionally declared a prepaid activity in its landline contributions and a lease free landline association for existing endorsers.

This advancement on BSNL’s half came when in May this year Telecom Commission, headed by Aruna Sundarajan conceded leeway on VoIP proposition by DoT. The administration influences employments of versatile numbering to conspire in light of IP based access system of IMS NGN Core changes to encourage voice over web administrations. BSNL clients who wish to start these administrations on their landline or telephone will only need to pay a one-time enactment charge of Rs 1,099.

The web communication proposal which the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) first exhibited in October a year ago recommended a solitary number for the cellphone and in addition web communication. This improvement was because of the private telecom administrators asserting that the BSNL’s versatile calling application that enabled clients to make universal calls utilizing the Internet was bypassing call association charges.

With the new Wings activity, BSNL looks to bring the general population living in remote and country territories on-board. It is the telco’s vision that utilizing VoIP clients in these spots, they will have the capacity to make calls utilizing broadband, Wi-Fi, 4G, or the 3G Internet. At first, voice and video calling will be free for a whole year; clients will just need to pay for the actuation charge of Rs 1,099. Video calls, be that as it may, will be restricted to Wings-to-Wings calls. To put a call, they should open the application and dial the number from their telephone address book through the application. Curiously, the application will likewise be configurable on a workstation or cell phones being a SIP customer.


BSNL likewise declared that the primary clump would begin taking off on August 1 and the administration will be accessible to the clients in light of first start things out serve premise. The telco additionally included that appointments for Wings would begin soon.

Another administration which BSNL presented was the ‘pay per utilize’ prepaid landline for its current clients. The prepaid landline would cause no establishment, no rental, and no enlistment charges for the clients and it will be installable on the client’s instrument or on BSNL’s CLIP instrument. The client may be charged for this establishment which will cost Rs 625 as it were.

The prepaid arrangement valuing for this administration will begin at Rs 200 arrangement which will offer boundless voice calls to any system, including neighbourhood and STD. BSNL will likewise issue STVs at this administration with the cost of STVs beginning as low as Rs 11 and going as high as Rs 199. Prominently, all the STVs will offer boundless calling to any system in India. Clients who wish to apply for this administration can do as such by making a beeline for BSNL office, through SMS or BSNL’s specialists. The best up will be conceivable from BSNL’s online interface or through retail locations.

In conclusion, the telco additionally reported the rollout of lease free settled line association. It was additionally reported that clients would be qualified for 25% rebate accessible as needs be charges after 200 metered call units (MCUs), and half markdown after 500 MCUs for the clients of this administration.


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