FACT or FICTION: Eating breakfast helps you loose weight


Want to loose weight?Top 10 breakfast mistakes you need to stop making today!

“Eat breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince,and dinner like a pauper” – your elders probably gave you this piece of advice as a child.If you want to loose weight today as an adult,the general opinion is that you should eat breakfast in the morning.

This is supposed to boost your metabolism.But is that really true?And will you gain weight if you skip breakfast?Or is that simply a diet myth?

Its important to get your breakfast just right

One of the best ways to loose weight and get your day started on the right foot is to eat healthy breakfast.It is in fact the most important meal of the day and skipping it can have harmful impacts on our overall health.

In fact not having your breakfast is a cardinal sin,especially if you are looking to loose weight or maintain weight loss.Among the general population ,about 28 percent of men and 18 percent women ages 18 to 34 skip breakfast everyday.

It’s often advised to consume enough healthy foods and nutrients,minerals and vitamins in your breakfast meal to give your body a good jumpstart for the day.However,these things aren’t very obvious to many people, who often skip breakfast and up derailing their weight loss journey,instead of boosting it.

Gain healthy body weight

But merely eating something for breakfast won’t fetch you any good.

A lot of tend to eat greasy foods or drink sugary beverages for breakfast or consume highly caffeinated drinks.All of these may be counter-productive when it comes to weight loss.

It’s very important to get your breakfast meals just right.There are some common mistakes that all of us have made or are possibly still continue to make,which are extremely destructive when it comes to weight loss.

Common Breakfast Mistakes That May Lead To Weight Gain

  1. Eating oily or greasy food
  2. Eating sugary drinks or foods
  3. Juicing your fruits and veggies
  4. Loading up on caffeine
  5. Not enough enough
  6. Not prepping for breakfast
  7. Eating breakfast outside
  8. Ignoring the fact
  9. Eating leftovers for breakfast
  10. Eating breakfast in bed

Do not starting eating right away after waking up in the morning.It’s always healthier to first drink a glass of warm water,to boost your digestive system.So,pass off on the opportunity ‘breakfast in bed’ and instead wait for half an hour after you wake up to eat breakfast.

These breakfast practices may not guarantee a dramatic weight loss for you, but if incorporated into your daily routine , these will definitely lead to an overall improvement in your health.


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