Emotional Intelligence: Indispensable tool for success


Emotional Intelligence refers to emotional awareness management skills which provide an ability to balance emotion and reason so as to maximise long-term happiness.

It not only includes components like self-awareness, ability to manage moods, motivation, and empathy. But also social skills such as cooperation and leadership. Emotional Intelligence in work organisations has various components and the one who knows it is the master of it. Self-awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and social skills are among the most important components. There are hundreds of emotions with their blends, variations and nuances. However, some of the main emotions with their blends are classified as:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Enjoyment
  • Love
  • Surprise
  • Disgust
  • Shame

When most people imagine about intelligence, they picture a mathematician solving equations, a novelist writing great works of literature or a philosopher expounding on wise principles. But brilliance has many forms and one of the most overlooked, yet crucial trait is Emotional Intelligence.

It is now widely believed that emotions rather than IQ may be the true measure of human intelligence. Therefore, behavioural scientists are always more focused on emotional intelligence. But before going any further a general question arises, what is Emotional IQ?

An individual difference that has recently received a great deal of interest is the notion of emotional IQ. According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is more crucial than general intelligence (IQ) in terms of career success. It refers to how well an individual handles himself and others rather than how smart he is or how capable he is in other fields. It includes attributes of self-awareness, confidence, self-motivation, impulse-control, empathy and social deftness. We can think of EQ as a social equivalent to IQ. In organisations going rapid change, emotional intelligence may determine who gets promoted and who gets passed over or who gets laid off and who stays. Studies have shown that the competencies associated with emotional intelligence are twice as important for career success rather than raw intelligence.

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Are you an emotionally intelligent person?

Here are the feelings associated with high EQ:

Motivation, satisfaction, mental peace, appreciation, friendship, happiness, self-control, autonomy, balance, awareness and contentment

Look for the feelings with low EQ and if you have any of them, try quitting it and replacing with high EQ feelings:

Frustration, disappointment, mental disturbance, emptiness, loneliness, guilt, depression, dependence, instability, sorrow, resentment, victimisation

If you’re looking for the reason why? Why do you need to quit those habits and feelings of low EQ then following are the basic and most important reasons to do so:

General happiness

Emotional Intelligence leads to general happiness.  High EQ generates positive feelings which result into happiness. As against it, low EQ generates negative feelings which result into unhappiness.

Rationality in behaviour

Rationality is defined as the capacity for objective action.it is usually characterised by the behavioural nexus between ends and means. Thus, if appropriate means have been chosen to reach desired ends, the behaviour is rational. With high EQ, a person is able to see the situation under which the behaviour takes place in right perspective. With such a perspective, the person is able to establish right relationship between ends and means and his behaviour tends to be rational.

Fulfilling social objectives

While living in the society, a person takes something from it and gives something to it. This something may be in physical as well as in psychological forms. In taking and giving process, a person with high EQ displays the same behaviour towards others which he aspects from them. If such a behaviour is reciprocated by others, the behaviour becomes gratifying to all the persons concerned.






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