Google is turning hot with Artificial Intelligence. Know how?


Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic for the 21st century millennial. But google hands it as a usual stuff. We are surrounded by smart gadgets. Thus, enabling computers to engage themselves in our day to day activities. The whole world is head over heels with the giant platform. It is significantly a giant leap for science and technology.

Google's artificial intelligence
Google Cloud Platform – transforming lives digitally

Google has achieved some big inventions in cloud-based platform over recent years. And so did Apple, Microsoft, etc. All these tech giants have also developed their indigenous artificial intelligence assistant. Like Siri, cortana and google assistant. The artificial intelligence is surely the next big thing. And this will surely enhance the lifestyle of the upcoming generation.

Its not been long India also developed its native AI powered Robot RADA. The robot brought by Vistara and invented in Tata innovation labs.

Google also came up with Google home mini device, duplex and so more. But there is no stopping.

Recently Google teased upcoming changes to Google Maps, among them augmented reality support and a concept called “VPS,” short for “visual positioning system.” They surely have a good grasp on the problems a normal human face while paving the street.

Did it ever occur to you that google maps was unable to read or the navigation has put you in a maze? Well, now there is a solution to even minute details of the problem. This is the contribution of some of the greatest minds at Google and augmented reality.

Artificial intelligence in maps
Google Navigation

How will artificial intelligence help us navigate?

A future version of the Maps app will merge its traditional interface with a live camera view. When doing navigation, superimposed arrows will appear at each turn, making it harder to misinterpret directions. The company is even experimenting with inserting animated characters such as a fox, which would remove any doubt and make the app more entertaining.

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Google maps with indicators and assistant

AR technology may also make its way into the rest of the app, for example popping up an information card when looking at a storefront.

VPS is a related feature, combining the live camera view with Google’s data trove to get a better sense of position than possible with just GPS.

What’s more?

Another feature that adds to the entertainment portfolio is the maps assistant. It won’t trouble you if you have some adventure adrenals inside. The app will contain a animated fox that will guide you to your destination. The visual positioning system has made navigation much easier and playful.

Animated fox feature guiding you through the route

So google has made travelling much more fun and moreover it feels like hunting pokemon.

There is one more additional feature that pops up a tab to show you the nearby points of interest. There is a “For you” tab too which helps in custom tailoring recommendations.

Apple has expressed its own deep interest in AR, engineering newer iPhone camers with it in mind, and providing ARKit to developers wanting to build apps. The company is rumored to be working on a standalone headset with features like 8K eyepieces and its own operating system, currently dubbed “rOS.”

After google’s neighbourly app, the maps will surely help us to attain a better approach to finding new places or reach destination in time.

More importantly, the maps will keep on improving itself by enriching the profile database. Google will also sync mails, chats and searches to optimize better functionality.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai also suggested to incorporate artificial intelligence to optimize e-mails.

Google is turning hot with Artificial Intelligence. Know how?
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Google is turning hot with Artificial Intelligence. Know how?
Artificial intelligence is turning the world in a great deal. Google has grabbed the opportunity to incorporate AI to enhance google maps. Know how?
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