Damaged hair after Holi? Do this treatment at home

Do You Also Have Hair Damage After Holi? Do This Treatment at Home!

If dry colours from playing Holi have found their way inside your hair, there is no reason to be concerned. There are several actions you may take to restore the shine to your hair. Also, hair will receive nutrients.

It is impossible for hair to remain colourless when participating in Holi. Even with extensive protection, the dry colour still fills the hair. The majority of the time, the colours used for Holi are loaded with chemicals, which also greatly harm your hair. But, there are some of these steps you may take to restore the shine to your hair after playing Holi.

Damaged hair after Holi? Do this treatment at home

After Holi, if your hair has suffered significant damage, properly clean them before washing. Remove as much of the dried colour as you can with a hair comb. Your hair’s trapped dry colour will come out using this method before washing.

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To get most of the colour out of the hair, rinse it with cold water now. Use a gentle organic shampoo while washing. After shampooing, apply a deep conditioner before rinsing. If your hair is dry, you can also use a hair serum.

According to Reports traditional Holi colours contain chemicals that seriously harm hair. More moisture is needed for hair. Thus, using a hair mask after washing your hair is preferred.

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It is preferable to utilise it two or three days after receiving it rather than immediately. For the best care, use lemon, egg, curd, and amla in the hair mask. You can also get a hair spa treatment.

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