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Why Are Cardiac Arrest Cases Increasing Exponentially: Know the Measures to Prevent It!

The risk of cardiac arrest has considerably increased among young people. What is cardiac arrest, what are the symptoms, who is at risk for cardiac arrest, and how can the risk be reduced? Throughout the article, you will learn what doctors have to say about this topic.

Cardiac Arrest Guide

According to reports, Bollywood star Satish Kaushik died of heart arrest. Many celebrities, including comedian Raju Srivastava, music composer and singer KK, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai star Malkhan alias Dipesh Bhan, and others, died from cardiac arrest.

Youths are dying of cardiac arrest while walking the streets, working out at the gym, or dancing at weddings. This has been a trend for some time. This is occurring not only in India but worldwide.

Historically, cardiac arrest was first observed in older individuals. Similarly, even young adults cannot escape it today. To have a thorough understanding of cardiac arrest, we had to ask experts what cardiac arrest is and what its symptoms are. Who is more susceptible to cardiac arrest? What is the remedy to prevent this? Now let’s find out the answers to all of your questions regarding the cardiac arrest.

Scary Is the Figure of Deaths Due to Cardiac Arrest

cardiac arrest increased in young people

Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, a cardiologist and angioplasty heart surgeon at Gurgaon, India’s Artemis Hospital, estimates that 30% of cardiac arrest patients in India are younger than 45. Dr. Sandhu estimates that over 12 million young Indians die each year from cardiac arrest, and that number is steadily increasing.

It is the top cause of death in the world, and Dr. Ajit Thachil, a cardiac electrophysiologist at the Lycée Heart Institute Hospital in Kochi, estimates that sudden cardiac arrest accounts for roughly 10% of deaths in India. Heart failure is a common health problem, but a cardiac arrest is much more deadly. When the heart stops beating, life ends for the patient.

Understand Cardiac Arrest Like This

With a Cardiac Arrest, the Heart Ceases to Function. If The Heart Stops Beating, It Is Unable to Pump Blood, and The Effects Quickly Spread Throughout the Body.

The Most Crucial Fact to Remember Regarding Cardiac Arrest Is that The Heart Does Not Stop Suddenly. the Heart Beats Very Rapidly for 3 to 5 Minutes at A Rate of 350 to 400 Bpm (beats per Minute) Before Stopping. During This Time, 3 to 5 Minutes Are Available to Save the Individual. if Someone Receives Cpr or An Electric Shock (defibrillation) at This Moment, It Will Be Possible to Save His Life.

In the Event of A Cardiac Arrest Emergency, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Electric Shock (defibrillation) Can Be of Some Assistance. In This Manner, Sufficient Oxygen Remains in The Lungs. if CPR and Electric Shock Are Administered in Time, Cardiac Arrest Can Be Reversed.

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Condition Has Started Deteriorating After Corona: Dr. Viveka Kumar

Dr. Viveka Kumar, Principal Director of Cardiac Sciences at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, and Chief of Cath Laboratories, Remarked, “during the Past Few Years, It Has Been Seen that The Incidence of Cardiac Arrest in All Age Groups Has Increased Dramatically.
On The Other Hand, Persons with Additional Risk Factors, Such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption, Are More Likely to Experience Cardiac Arrest. Since Corona, the Situation Has Become More Hazardous. Due to Swelling in The Muscles of Persons with Corona, the Danger of Cardiac Arrest Has Increased as A Result of The Aftermath of Kovid.
cardiac arrest increased in young people

Dr. Viveka Added, ‘Cases of Heart-Related Disorders Such as Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest Used to Occur Previously as Well, but Their Frequency Has Considerably Grown Since Recently. Corona Patients Have Recovered from Coronavirus, However, They May Still Be Experiencing Chronic Covid Syndrome.

Due to Corona, the Body’s Capacity to Function Is Impaired in This Syndrome, and It May Also Have Health Issues. In Certain Instances, Chronic Covid Syndrome Can Potentially Cause Cardiac Arrest.

Alternatively, if A Person Has an Active Illness Such as Viral, Flu, or Influenza, the Risk Factor Increases. Similar to The Previous One or Two Months, the Virus Has Spread Rapidly. This Is Occurring Because of The H2N2 Virus, and In Its Presence, Normal Viruses Are Also Spreading Rapidly.

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How Youngsters Can Reduce the Risk of Cardiac Arrest

Dr. Viveka Kumar States, “Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Family History, Covid Recovery, Etc., Can Be the Primary Causes of Cardiac Arrest.” If A Person Leads a Healthy Lifestyle, Maintains a Healthy Weight and Blood Pressure, Has a Family History of Heart Disease, and Attends the Doctor on Occasion, Then He or She Is at Risk for Cardiac Arrest and Heart Disease. The possibility Can Be Diminished.

Dr. Viveka Added, “If We’re Talking About Youth, Working Beyond Their Capabilities, Lifting Big Weights at The Gym, Exercising for Hours, Smoking, Alcohol, Poor Eating Habits, Lack of Sleep, Etc. All Raise the Risk of Cardiac Arrest. Gives. 30 to 40 Minutes of Daily Exercise or 150 to 180 Minutes per Week Is a Healthy Amount of Physical Activity.

It Is Not Required to Raise Large Weights at The Gym, at Home, or In the Park, One Can Perform Bodyweight Exercises or Cardiovascular Activities Such as Jogging, Running, and Cycling, as well as Breathing Exercises, to Maintain Fitness.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol and Do Not Sleep for At Least Seven to Eight Hours. Youths Claim that Their Inability to Fall Asleep Fast Is Also Due to Their Excessive Mobile Phone Usage. If You Establish a Schedule that You Will Not Use Your Mobile Device After This Hour, You Will Be Able to Sleep Early and Complete Your Sleep Quickly.

Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest

cardiac arrest increased in young people

A Person Does Not Have Time to Recognise the Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest and Administer the Appropriate Treatment. According to Doctors, Cardiac Arrest Causes the Body to Exhibit a Number of Alterations. Cardiac Arrest Can Be Treated if It Is Given Proper Attention.

– Fainting 
– Fast heart rate
– Chest pain 
– Dizziness
– Difficulty breathing
– Vomiting
– Abdominal and chest pain

Who Is at Higher Risk of Cardiac Arrest

According to Dr. Upendra Kaul, Head of Batra Heart Center, the Incidence of Cardiac Arrest Among Individuals Aged 35 to 40 Has Increased. This Nine Key Factors Account for Ninety Percent of Cardiac Arrest and Heart-Related Disorders. Possessing Two or More of These Risk Factors Raises the Likelihood of Suffering a Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest. These Elements Are.

– Smoking cigarettes
– Bad cholesterol
– High blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Mental and social stress
– Not working out
– Obesity ie obesity
– Eating very little vegetables and fruits
– Drinking alcohol



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