Rapper Lil Pump criticised for racist gesture. Apologizes.

Lil Pump racist remarks
US Colombian rapper Lil Pump

US Colombian rapper Lil Pump posted a sneak peak of his upcoming song “Butterfly doors” on twitter earlier this month. In it, Lil Pump made racist remarks about the Asian community and NBA player Yao Ming. The song’s lyrics go as:

“Smokin’ on dope (damn) / They call me Yao Ming cause my eye real low (ching chong),” while pulling his eyes back to flash a slanted-eye gesture.

Lil Pump has more than 17.4 million followers on social media.
The rapper faced a backlash on social media, with Chinese users flooding his Instagram posts with comments calling him “racist” and “disgusting”.

“Crazy Rich Asians” star Awkwafina was among his critics. “Always nice to hear a new song with a Ching Chong adlib. Guess it’s better than ‘eyes chink’ like some other verses I’ve heard. But can we at least think of some more creative racist epithets? @lilpump”

Due to the mounting pressure, Lil Pump posted an apology on Instagram on Christmas.

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