Bad news for river rafting enthusiasts, ban on rafting in Rishikesh on this day

Bad News for Those Doing Rishikesh River Rafting on Holi, Administration Took This Decision!

For those who enjoy going on river rafting trips, I have some terrible news. Rafting on the Ganges River has been prohibited in Rishikesh on Holi. Businessmen in the rafting industry in Rishikesh came to an arrangement with the district and police administration, which led to this decision.

For those who had hoped to go rafting on the Ganges in Rishikesh for Holi, we have some bad news: the water is too high. On Holi, March 8, river rafting in Rishikesh will be prohibited.

Because of the large number of people congregating there, this choice has been made. The tourist season has officially begun, and visitors from all over the world have already descended upon the holy city of Rishikesh. The area’s hotels are completely booked. Holi must be conducted peacefully and the throng must be managed under these conditions, both of which provide significant challenges for the authorities.

River Rafting Closed on Holi

Bad news for river rafting enthusiasts, ban on rafting in Rishikesh on this day

Reportedly, the Businesspeople, District Government, and Police Officers Connected with Rafting in Rishikesh All Agreed to This Decision. Since the Advent of River Rafting in Rishikesh, Many Holi Revellers Have Made the Pilgrimage There to Take Part in The Sport. for The First Time Ever, the Ganges River Will Be Off-Limits to Rafters on Holi.

The Administration Took the Decision

Earlier, Inspector-In-Charge Ritesh Shah Met with Members of The Rafting Association at Police Station Munikireti to Discuss the Issue. According to Ritesh Shah, a Lot of Noise Is Made on The Day of Holi. There Are Also a Lot of Drunk Folks About. on The Day of Holi, Rafting Has Been Prohibited to Prevent Any Potential Mishaps from Occurring.

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Tourists Throng the Pilgrimage Town

Bad news for river rafting enthusiasts, ban on rafting in Rishikesh on this day

Let Us Inform You that On the Hindu Holiday of Holi, Thousands upon Thousands of People from All Over the World Flock to The Holy City of Rishikesh to Take Part in The Wild Sport of White Water Rafting. There Are No Available Rooms in The Pilgrimage City’s Hotels, Resorts, or Campgrounds for The Holiday of Holi.

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Continued Interest in India’s Holy City of Rishikesh from Visitors from Around the World Has Meant Steady traffic for the city’s hotels. Meanwhile, the police administration has made it quite clear that rafting on the Ganges River on the day of Holi is strictly forbidden and that those caught doing so will face severe consequences.

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