Sad News For Weeders : Marijuana Not Enough For Opioid Addiction !


Dear Weeders,

The sad news is there for you all and whether you believe it or not your favourite partner weed Marijuana cannot save you from Opioid Addiction problem!


Over the previous 20 years, the quantity of opioid overdoses has tripled in the United States and the world. Overdoses are presently the second driving reason for incidental passings.

There is no uncertainty heath mind experts are striving to discover approaches to get individuals through treatment programs effectively to diminish that number. This incorporates WSU scientists in Spokane.



  • About a year back scientists at WSU’s College of Nursing set out to see whether marijuana is aiding or harming those being dealt with for opioid habit.
  • Marian Wilson has been a medical attendant for a long time and she is a right-hand teacher at WSU’s College of Nursing. Her emphasis has been on unending torment and opioid utilize and mishandle.
  • One way she needs to do that is by attempting to discover courses for those dependent on opioids to manage their withdrawal side effects. Also, some in the therapeutic group have thought about whether pot could check those indications.
  • “I was keen on discovering how they were utilizing cannabis to deal with their manifestations since we heard there were individuals that were utilizing it and discovering some advantage from it,” Wilson clarified.
  • A year prior, Dr. Wilson and her examination group started to test this hypothesis in Spokane. They conveyed composed overviews to those in zone opioid treatment programs.
  • They inquired as to whether they utilized cannabis, how regularly they utilized it and on the off chance that it assisted with their side effects.
  • She said more than 66% of individuals reviewed were utilizing Marijuana routinely. Wilson and her group discovered utilizing cannabis could make it harder for patients to deal with their side effects, instead of improving them feel.
  • “Seeing a tight association amongst inclination and agony was something important to us since it recommended that cannabis may not by any stretch of the imagination be assisting with that group of manifestations,” Wilson said.



Wilson said regardless of the consequences of her examination there is still a considerable measure of research on the point that still has to be done yet one thing is certain Marijuana isn’t the arrangement.

So Weeders, I would just try out proper medication and live a civilised life instead weeding that poison and dying with making people around you die!


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