Sheikh Hasina wins Bangladesh Elections, PM Modi Congratulates


Sheikh Hasina’s party Awami League, wins the current Bangladesh elections. The party won over 267 seats in the 300-member House.

Hasina's party Bangladesh elections
Sheikh Hasina wins Bangladesh Polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called his Bangladeshi counterpart today. He conveyed his heartiest congratulations on her party’s decisive victory in the parliamentary elections. The Ministry of External Affairs said, “The PM also reiterated the priority India attaches to Bangladesh as a neighbor. A close partner for regional development, security and cooperation, and a central pillar in India’s ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy.”

Sheikh Hasina also thanked Prime Minister Modi for being the first leader to call her to convey his congratulations.
“PM Sheikh Hasina thanked Prime Minister for being the first leader to call her to convey congratulations. She also thanked India for their consistent and generous support which has benefited Bangladesh’s development. And appreciated PM’s reiteration of this commitment,” the statement said.

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