‘love Is Blind’: Are the Couples Season 3 Still Together?

‘love Is Blind’: Are the Couples Season 3 Still Together?

A warm welcome to the return of the pods. On Wednesday, October 19, Netflix released the first four episodes of Season 3 of Love Is Blind. However, just five engaged couples emerged from the pods this season.

Alexa and Brennon started off as mutual listeners. In the beginning, Bartise and Raven had a deep connection; however, her coldness when he was trying to open up weakened their friendship, and he eventually followed his instincts and pursued Nancy as his primary partner.

Nancy had a hard time deciding between Bartise and Andrew, although she eventually looked to tilt toward Andrew. She acknowledged that while her future with Andrew would be “wonderful,” she could have an “awesome” future with Bartie.

At first, Cole and Colleen clicked; nevertheless, Colleen remained closed off, claiming that she was uninterested in having meaningful discussions (the cornerstone of any marriage…). Cole was seeking a more substantial relationship, so he decided to pursue Zainab.

Zainab had some reservations about Cole because of his young age, but the two quickly became close due to their similar religious beliefs.

What Raven appreciated most about SK was his unwavering compassion and tolerance. And Matt was also patient with Colleen, assuring her that she and he will eventually have profound exchanges if they just waited.

By the end of the fourth episode of Season 3, all five couples had already begun their married lives together. The strongest partnerships aren’t immune to escalating strain, either.

See who got engaged on Love Is Blind Season 3 and see what we may infer about their current relationship statuses based on their Instagram posts.

‘Love Is Blind’: Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

Both Alexa and Brennon

Alexa and Brennon, both 31, became engaged in Season 3. Alexa, the owner of an insurance firm, and Brennon, an engineer specializing in water treatment, had a difficult time meeting each other after they emerged from their pods. In Season 4, they still don’t appear to have gotten much closer physically.

In addition to not following one another, Alexa and Brennon also don’t follow any of the other actors on Instagram. Alexa posted an Instagram photo of a floral arrangement on the day of the premiere and wrote that she felt “fortunate.” The season premiere showed that they both make it to the altar, but after that, who knows?

‘Love Is Blind’: Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

Zanab & Cole

Two of The Season’s Real Estate Agents, Cole (27) and Zanab (32), Got Engaged. Everything Was Great until The Morning After They First Met when Zanab Expected Cole to Be a Cuddling Bed-Buddy and Not Want to Get out Of Bed, but Cole Instead Insisted on Giving Her Some Extra Sleep.

Having Trouble Expressing Their Emotions Led to Increased Self-Doubt and A Lack of Confidence. the Two Seem to Have Something in Common, but They Can’t Seem to Break Through a Communication Barrier.

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Zainab Is Not a Fan of Cole Thus She Doesn’t Follow Him on Instagram. She Shared a Picture of A Bouquet of Roses on Her Instagram Account the Day Season 3 Premiered, Writing, “what a Wonderful Surprise to Come Home To!”

Cole Continues to Hang out With the Season 3 Couples and Single Cast Members, Including His Fiancee and The Women He Planned to Propose To, Zanab and Colleen.

‘Love Is Blind’: Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

Those Two, Bartise and Nancy

The Third Engaged Couple of The Season, Nancy (32, Real Estate Investor) and Bartise (27, Senior Analyst), Had Chemistry from The Moment They Met.

Up until Bartise Actually Met Raven, They Were the Season’s Most Reliable Couple. that He Finds Raven Physically Attractive and Is Portrayed as A Potential Strain on His Relationship with Her.

After All This Time, Nancy Is Still Bartise’s Instagram Follower, but Bartise No Longer Follows Either Nancy or Raven. They All Still Keep Tabs on A Number of The Season’s Other Actors, Albeit Bartise only Follows a Small Number of Males. Except for Cole, Nancy Seems to Follow Everyone Else.

On the Day of The Debut, Bartise Shared a Boomerang of Herself and Another Person Singing a Cheer to The Program While Holding the Show’s Wine Glasses. He Subsequently Shared Another Tale About Da Vonté Black, a Cast Member Who Wasn’t Used in Episodes 1-4.

‘Love Is Blind’: Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

Colleen and Matt

The Attraction Between 28-Year-Old Matt, a Private Charter Sales Executive, and 26-Year-Old Colleen, a Ballerina and Digital Pr Specialist, only Grew Stronger until They Finally Met in Person. Through Episode 4, Everything Appeared to Be Going Smoothly, but The Previews for Future Episodes Show that The Pair Will Face Significant Difficulties.

Neither Matt nor Colleen Are Instagram Followers of The Other. Among the Other Couples, Matt Solely Keeps Tabs on Bartise. Colleen Doesn’t Subscribe to Anyone, However, She Did Tag Raven in An Article on The Launch Day.

‘Love Is Blind’: Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

SK and Raven


Despite the Sweetness of Sk (a 34-Year-Old Data Engineer) Proposing to Raven (a 29-Year-Old Pilates Instructor), the Couple Still Had Not Created a Physical Connection by The End of Episode 4.

when The Five Couples Got Together, There Was Definitely Some Heat Between Raven and Bartise, but The Teaser Suggests that Things Improve Between Raven and Sk and Deteriorate Between Nancy and Bartise.

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On the Other Hand, Raven Doesn’t Appear to Be Following Any of The Other Cast Members, so It’s Possible that Sk and Raven Just Don’t Use Instagram. Among the Characters from Season 3, Sk only Follows Andrew.

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