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Dynamo Gaming Net Worth: The Rise of The Personality – check out now!

India’s own Dynamo Gaming is a popular YouTuber. The PUBG stream channel Dynamo Gaming has more viewers than any other station in the world. whose subscriber count exceeds 10 million. The estimated net worth of Dynamo Gaming is around Rs 22 crore, as reported by several media outlets.

Aditya Sawant, a professional athlete in the field of electronic sports, owns the company Dynamo Gaming. The Dynamo Gaming stream channel has the highest viewership of any PUBG channel in the world. Which has an audience of over 8.4 million right now.

Find out everything you need to know about Dynamo Gaming’s financial situation in 2021 right here. 5-6 years ago was the beginning of the era of dynamic gaming. Then, fewer than fifty people were actively watching his station in real-time. More than a hundred thousand viewers would tune in today if we discussed it on their live feed.


Aaditya Sawant was born on April 18, 1996, in Mumbai, India. His Gamertag, “Dynamo Gaming,” has become synonymous with his YouTube streams. He is widely recognized as a top player in India and across the globe. Aaditya was a native Mumbaikar who grew up and grew up in the city.

He and his loved ones have made Mumbai their home. He was bound and determined to pursue his passion for video games and the video-sharing platform YouTube. When he was in high school, he would save up his allowance so that he could spend his free time playing video games at a local arcade. His family was big assistance in getting his YouTube account up and running.

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth

Dynamo, aka Aditya Sawant, has a net worth of $2 million. Roughly 14 billion Indian Rupees. The broadcaster makes approximately 20 lakhs each month from donations made through super chat, GPay, and Paytm. Dynamo Gaming makes millions more from sponsor commercials than it does from YouTube. One source claims that his daily earnings from Superchat total $30,000.

Brands are willing to shell out millions of rupees to have their ads included on their website. On the primary platform, he broadcasts matches of PUBG MOBILE. With over a million monthly viewers, Dynamo Gaming is quickly becoming the most popular mobile PubG channel on YouTube. The number of people using Dynamo has increased to almost 4 million in only a single year.

Name Dynamo Gaming
Net Worth (2022) $3 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 22 Crore INR
Profession YouTuber
Monthly Income And Salary 25 Lakhs +
yearly Income 3 Crore +
Last Updated 2022

Dynamo Gaming Career

Four to six years ago, Dynamo Gaming began its professional existence. The place where Dynamo broadcasts PC games online. However, few people were paying attention to those games. In that time period, we see between fifty and one hundred views.

Moreover, Pubg has now arrived on the scene. A while later, Dynamo began broadcasting a PC version of PUBG. There was no unique reaction to him. The dynamo, though, kept going. After this, Dynamo began streaming the Pubg mobile emulator, and on the first day,

they had more than a thousand concurrent viewers. When it happened, the dynamo started streaming Pubg. Recently, Dynamo has switched to mobile, and it now also eliminates a sizable portion of mobile games.

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Personal Life

Dynamo has been a gamer ever since he was a young boy. He started his channel in 2010, but at that time just 100 people subscribed to it. Beginning mobile PUBG transformed his life and career. The Indian prime minister praised Be, and he himself became a national celebrity. It has been said that Kanika is Dynamo’s rumored girlfriend.

Many times he has played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with her, and once they even met during a live stream of PUBG on YouTube. According to Dynamo, meeting a fan in PUBG was the greatest moment of his life. One of his fans broke down in tears after learning that his opponent is none other than Dynamo.

Dynamo Gaming Assets

House: Their home is in Mumbai, India, where Dynamo and his family reside. The majority of his time is devoted to gaming and brainstorming new content for his YouTube channel.

Cars: The number of vehicles in Dynamo Gaming’s collection is small. The Audi Q7 is a stunning SUV, while the Honda Civic is an attractive compact car.

Dynamo Gaming Income And Salary

Monthly revenue for Dynamo Gaming exceeds 5 Lakhs. Approximately one hundred million Indian rupees ($1,000,000) is Dynamo’s annual income. When it comes to money, Dynamo Gaming relies heavily on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

Places where every live stream is certified to have between one and two million viewers. Every month, Dynamo receives between three and four million rupees from Google Adsense. After that, other companies pay Dynamo Gaming millions of rupees, including AMD, Asus, and One Plus.

Total Video uploads 1.61K+
Subscriber 9.93+ Million
Video views 1.01B+
Last 30 Days’ views 18.6M
Estimated Monthly earnings Rs. 20+ Lakhs
Estimated Yearly earnings Rs. 2.4+ Crores

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Among today’s youth, Dynamo Gaming holds a special place in the hearts of many. Incredible what he has accomplished at such a young age. Although he hasn’t won anything officially, this man is the top PUBG mobile player in the world. He and his team, Hydra Dynamo, have competed in multiple PUBG tournaments.

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