Farhan Azmi Net Worth: The Rise of the personality – Check out Now!

Farhan Azmi Net Worth: The Rise of the personality – Check out Now!

Indian entrepreneur, restaurateur, and politician Abu Farhan Azmi are known for his work. It includes “Koyla,” “Café Basilico,” “ChaiCoffi,” and “Basilico House,” all of which are located in Mumbai and Goa. Ayesha Takia’s spouse, Farhan, is a Bollywood star.


Farhan Azmi was born on February 21, 1982, in Mumbai. He is currently 37 years old. It’s a Pisces, which is his zodiac sign. He attended Mumbai’s Scholar High School for his primary and secondary education,

and then Jai Hind College for his undergraduate studies. For his master’s degree, Farhan enrolled at Mumbai’s Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics.

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Farhan Azmi Net Worth

Farhan’s net worth is believed to be Rs. 66 crores, according to several sources. Asim Azmi, SP leader Abu Asim’s son, has reported assets of almost Rs 125 crore, making him one of Maharashtra’s wealthiest politicians.

An 830-square-foot condominium on Pali Hill in Bandra, assessed at Rs 2.93 crore by the SP candidate, and agricultural and non-agricultural plots worth over Rs 9.38 crore each, are among the contender’s riches. A BMW 7-series and a Mercedes Benz are among the businessman’s movable goods.


Farhan Azmi’s family is Muslim. He is the son of Mankhurd Shivaji Nagar Constituency MLA Abu Asim Azim. Zahida Azmi is the name of his mother. A grandson of Haji Niyaz Ahmed Azmi is in charge.

Farzeen Azmi, Farhan’s sister, is also his co-worker. On March 1, 2009, Farhan Azmi married Ayesha Takia, whom he had been seeing for three years. Mikail Azmi is the couple’s only child.

Career as a Businessman

As a businessman, Farhan Azmi began his profession. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are all owned by him.

For almost a decade, Azmi has maintained a significant chain of vegetarian eateries in Mumbai and Goa, such as Koyla, Café Basilico, and TGL Co.

Career in Politics

Azmi is also involved in the political scene as a member of the opposition. As a member of the Samajwadi Party, he ran for the Legislative Assembly in 2010 from the Bhiwandi (East) Constituency.  Rupesh Mhatre, a Shiv Sena candidate, defeated Farhan in the elections.

As a member of the Samajwadi Party’s Yuva Cell in 2014, he was elected the party’s state president. It was Azmi’s mission to inspire young people, fight for women’s safety, solve environmental issues, and help the needs of disadvantaged children while also fighting religious discrimination.

To no avail, he ran for Lok Sabha in 2014 from the North Mumbai Constituency, where he fell short of victory. A year later, in January 2018, Farhan stepped down as Samajwadi Party’s Yuva Cell state president, but he continued to serve the party. He ran for the Samajwadi Party in the 2017 BMC elections in Nagpada Mahasabha, South Mumbai.

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As a result of Farhan Azmi’s outburst against Esha Gupta, the media slammed him. According to reports, Esha had something to say about his father Abu Azmi’s notorious statement that women were to blame for their own sexual assault.

On New Year’s Eve, Abu made this statement in reference to the mass molestation of Bengaluru’s children. During a public rally at Nagpada Junction in Mumbai in January 2017, Farhan made a scathing remark.

Azmi claimed that “various political parties have utilized Muslims as condoms” when speaking to the public. Many Muslim leaders slammed him for his remark. For marrying a Hindu girl while being Muslim, Farhan was threatened by a Hindu extremist organization in 2017.

It was dubbed a “Love Jihad” act. His home, office, and vehicles have all been threatened with bombs by the callers. After eight years of marriage to Ayesha Takia, he received threats. Farhan filed an FIR against a Rajasthan-based Hindu activist group in Mumbai’s Colaba Police Station for making the calls.

Farhan’s four-fold increase in net wealth in the last four years has landed him in hot water. During the 2010 Bhiwandi by-elections, he reportedly disclosed a net worth of Rs. 16 crores, which grew to Rs. 64 crores when he ran for Lok Sabha in 2014.

Also, Farhan and Kashif Khan were embroiled in a court dispute over their restaurant “Koyla.” In contrast to Khan, who accused Azmi of embezzling money from the company, Farhan filed a complaint alleging that Azmi sent goons to his Bandra eatery. After the matter was settled, the restaurant was forced to close.

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