Mythpat Net Worth: How Much Has This YouTuber Made This Year?

Mythpat Net Worth: How Much Has This YouTuber Made This Year?

New gamers are flocking to Youtube as the Gaming category grows in popularity. There are several of them. Mythpat is one. A gaming YouTuber from India, he has over three and a half million followers on the video-sharing site. Mithilesh Patankar is his full name.

Mithilesh Patankar, his given name, inspired the moniker “Mythpat” for his YouTube channel. A section of his name was split in two by him. Mithilesh gave him Myth, Patankar gave him a pat, and he mixed them together. Mithilesh’s net worth, age, birthday, girlfriend, job path, and more are all covered in today’s episode.

Mithilesh Patankar Biography

On January 16th, 1998, in Mumbai, India, Mythpat was born. In the year 2021, he will have turned the age of 23. Mithilesh Patankar is his true name. It’s not clear where he went to school or how his parents raised him.

Prachi Pisat is the name of his older sister. Mumbai was also where the man grew up. Mimicry had always been a passion of his, and when he showed off his latest work to his family, they were inspired and applauded him.

Not only does his family support him in his imitation, but they also constantly stand by him while he pursues his dream. The best family in the world, he claimed, is very supportive of him. His extended family includes Grandma in addition to his parents. Mithilesh didn’t have many pals from his early years.

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Mythpat Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Mythpat is approximately Rs 6 crore. It is reported that he earns roughly Rs 40 lakh a month from Adsense through YouTube advertising. Additionally, he has sponsorships, super chat, and other sources of money.

Name Mythpat
Profession Youtuber
Yearly income Rs. 1.44 – 1.80 Crore
Net Worth $ 238K
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 1.85 Crore
Monthly Salary Rs. 12 – 15 Lakh

However, as she does not frequently stream on YouTube, her earnings from SuperChat are quite low. Mythpat has a fortune in the range of $500k to $1 million dollars. As a side note, he makes most of his money through YouTube videos.

The SocialBlade website estimates that he earns at least $25,000 each month, which is almost 20 lakhs in Indian rupees. Think about it: A fresh college graduate makes more than $25K a month by following his dreams. Additionally, he makes money from sponsorships on YouTube.

As a well-known content generator, he undoubtedly received a large number of sponsorship proposals each month. His sponsorship accounts for a sizable portion of the organization’s revenue. Additionally, he makes money by mimicking brands. Having a net worth of 3 Crores and 50 Lakhs in Indian currency, Mithilesh Patankar can enjoy a sumptuous lifestyle with his family.


When he was younger, Mithilesh identified as an introvert. Even so, he is a reclusive individual. As a result, it was always difficult for him to speak his mind confidently back in the year. He’s a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan who wants to keep up with the actor down to the last detail.

This led him to take up mimicking during his time in school to learn the art form. He was able to imitate Shah Rukh Khan‘s voice after 16 days of practice, so he recorded it on his phone. Mythpat then showed the recordings of his impersonation to his family.

His family, as previously stated, was quite supportive and had high regard for his job. He was energized by the recognition. Because of this, he took it upon himself to study the mimicking of other artists. With this decision in mind, he began to study mimicry in greater detail.

His primary schooling was completed and he entered the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology to pursue an engineering degree. He overcame his shy nature in college and was considering moving to the United States in search of a better life.

After considering the matter, he decided to begin uploading videos to YouTube. The first video he uploaded to his YouTube channel was a Sacred Games dubbing. The video was stunning, yet it failed to pique my interest. Although he doubled the number of videos he could publish, the channel’s followers remained uninterested.

It wasn’t until later that he chose to branch out into the gaming industry because he enjoys playing new games. An influential YouTuber in the Netherlands named Kwebbelkop, with more than 13 million subscribers, gave him ideas for his own work.

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