Prannoy Roy Net Worth

Prannoy Roy Net Worth: Deeper Look Into Co-Chairperson Of NDTV Luxury Lifestyle in 2022!

Indian news anchor, journalist, and psephologist Prannoy Lal Roy is also the current co-chairperson of NDTV. Prannoy Roy, together with his wife Radhika Roy, is the man behind the creation of NDTV. He reportedly makes 60 Lakhs per month.

From last year to this, Prannoy Dutt’s wealth has grown by 16%. Prannoy Roy has an extensive collection of high-end automobiles. Prannoy Roy, a prominent Indian newscaster, is quite wealthy. In 2001, he began his career as a journalist. Property, vehicles, and other assets that contribute to Prannoy Roy’s estimated $20 million net worth in 2022.

Prannoy Roy Early Life

It was in Geneva, Illinois, on October 15, 1949, that Prannoy Roy entered this world. He is a journalist, psychologist, and economist by training and resides in India. Both his father’s and mother’s names are unknown.

Prannoy Roy Net Worth: Deeper Look Into Co-Chairperson Of NDTV Luxury Lifestyle in 2022!

Prannoy Roy is approximately 5.9 feet tall and weighs 74 kilograms (approx). His Hazel eyes are a stunning feature of his appearance. Social media and up-to-the-minute reports indicate that he is currently married (making three marriages total) and that his wife’s name is Radhika Roy.

Prannoy Roy’s Net Worth

Prannoy Roy As of the year 2022, Prannoy Roy, the first Indian journalist to interview Bill Gates in India, has amassed a net worth of $15,000,000. Which translates to Rs 120 Crores (Indian Rupees) in terms of money.

Monthly earnings are calculated to be around 65 Lakhs. There was an increase of 16% in Prannoy Dutt’s Net Worth from the previous year. Prannoy Roy has an extensive collection of high-end automobiles.

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Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh is home to The Doon School, a prestigious boys’ boarding school where Roy was transferred (now in Uttarakhand). When he was a teenager, he attended the boarding school where he met his future wife, Radhika Das.

Radhika was also sent to the Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun from the city of Calcutta. Both Prannoy and Radhika decided to pursue further education in London, United Kingdom. Prannoy was able to get his A-levels and Imperial Service College diploma thanks to a scholarship he received.

Prannoy Roy Net Worth: Deeper Look Into Co-Chairperson Of NDTV Luxury Lifestyle in 2022!

After finishing high school, he enrolled at the Queen Mary University of London, from which he graduated in 1973 with a first-class honors degree in economics. The following year, in 1975, he passed the CPA exam and was admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


Once back in India, Prannoy went on to get a doctorate in agricultural economics from the Delhi School of Economics. Roy worked as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers India from 1979 until 1983 after finishing his doctorate. It is said that Roy has been interested in elections ever since he was a kid and that he made his first election prediction for the 1977 Indian general election.

The mainstream magazine issued a prediction predicting the Janata Party would win the election. As early as the 1980s, he began working with David Butler, a political scientist at Oxford, and Ashok Lahiri, an economist in India, in an endeavor to bring psephology into the mainstream in India.

Prannoy Roy Net Worth: Deeper Look Into Co-Chairperson Of NDTV Luxury Lifestyle in 2022!

Together, they wrote three books, and Roy eventually started working as an election analyst for the Indian publication India Today. Very accurately, Roy projected an Indian National Congress win in the 1984 Indian general election, with 400 seats. The accuracy of his prophecy established him as India’s preeminent psephologist. Between the years 1980 and 1995, Roy is widely regarded as India’s first opinion pollster.

In 1984, New Delhi Television Ltd.  (NDTV) was established as a production company for Doordarshan, India’s public service television network, and other international news networks. Although Prannoy Roy and Radhika are both credited with founding the company, Roy insists that he was not involved in its inception and that Radhika was the true founder.

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Prannoy Roy Net Worth In Rupees

 Prannoy Roy

There is a $15,000,000 consensus on Prannoy Roy’s net worth (as of 2022). His wealth is estimated at over Rs 120 Crore (approximately $1.45 billion). Currency. He pulls in over Rs7.8 Crores every month.

He brings in the bulk of the money between his salary, investments, and the YouTube channel he helped build. He charges an exorbitant sum for commercial time on his news channel.

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