Ravindar Chandrasekaran Net Worth

Ravindar Chandrasekaran Net Worth: How This Famous Director Built a Massive Fortune?

Producer, director, actor, TV host, entrepreneur, and businessman Ravindar Chandrasekaran hails from the Indian city of Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu. This imaginative man has a reputation for producing high-quality South Indian films.

On the side, he works as a director and actor. His debut picture as a producer, Sutta Kadhai, was out in 2013. In addition, he made a lot of movies. He oversaw the production of Subbu’s 2021 film Sutta Kadhai. The fact that he wedded Mahalakshmi has made him famous.

Biography of Ravindar Chandrasekaran

Chandrasekaran was born on July 8th, 1984, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Spiritual Hindus. Ravindar’s 38 years of age are indicated by the information we have regarding his birth (as of 2022). On his 38th birthday, he celebrated with a cake in the shape of the Taj Mahal.

All of his life, he’s been fascinated with the performing arts. Some say that Chandrasekaran went to one of the local schools. A well-regarded institution in Chennai is where he earned his degree. After that, he committed himself fully to his career in show business. Currently, he is a successful film producer.

Ravindar Chandrasekaran’s Net Worth

Net Worth in Rupees ₹15-20 Crores
Net Worth in USD $2-3 Million
Profession Producer, Director, Actor
Real Name  Ravindar Chandrasekaran
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism

Working as a producer provides Ravindar Chandrasekaran with a comfortable existence. Also, he owns and directs films at Libra Productions in Chennai. He seems to be living a high life. Chandrasekaran has also collaborated with a slew of well-known filmmakers. Ravindra is valued at between 15 and 20 billion Indian rupees now.

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Ravindar Chandrasekaran’s Professional Life

As the head of Libra Productions, he has earned a reputation as a top producer. All but one of the films released under his name were produced by him. A film titled Murungaikai Chips was developed by Ravindar in 2021. I should mention that he had a cameo in this film as well.

Well-known in the industry, he runs the production company Libra Productions. Ravindra directed most of the films released under his production company’s name. His film Murungaikai Chips was released in 2021. I should mention that he had a cameo in this film as well.

Body Measurement

Height 5 feet 9 inch
Weight 125 kg
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Black

In terms of height, Ravindar Chandrasekaran is a man at 5 feet 9 inches. Somewhere around 125 kg is what he’s got on his back. The dark of his hair and eyes complement one another well. His height, weight, biceps size, waist circumference, hip size, and everything else about his body is a mystery.

Wife of Ravindar Chandrasekaran

Ravindra has tied the knot. According to recent reports, Handrasekaran wed Mahalakshmi on September 1, 2022. Actress, model, and TV host are just a few of Mahalakshmi’s many accomplishments. Her fan base has grown thanks to her work in films like Vani Rani, Pillai Nila, Vilas, Chellamay, and Yamirukka.

Ravindra and Mahalakshmi are a couple who has been together for some time. They tied the knot in 2022 as well. According to reports, the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in Tirupati around 11 a.m. Amongst only the closest of relatives and friends. As far as anyone knows, this is their second marriage.

For a while, Anil and Mahalakshmi were married. From a previous relationship, she also had a son. Ravindar’s, on the other hand, wed his first wife, Ravindhar R Shanthi, on August 29, 2012. After some time, the couple separated for personal reasons and divorced. Currently, Chandrasekaran and his wife Mahalakshmi call Chennai home.

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Facts and Trivia

  • He considers South Indian cuisine to be among the finest in the world.
  • In addition, Chandrasekaran worked with a number of well-known directors.
  • On his YouTube account, appropriately titled Fat Man Facts, he also uploads videos.
  • Ravindar has assisted a lot of individuals as a social worker.
  • He was formerly involved in a media scandal with Bigg Boss star Vanitha Vijayakumar.
  • After hearing about Vanitha’s marriage to Peter Paul, the third time around, he made a remark about it.
  • According to the information available, Vanitha also reported Ravindar for cyberbullying.
  • Chandrasekaran has an impressive vocal range.
  • Many podcasts featured interviews with Ravindar.
  • When fully clothed, Chandrasekaran weighs in at roughly 125 kilograms (275.57 lbs).