Surya Net Worth: How This Indian Actor Become So Rich? Latest Update!

Surya Net Worth: How This Indian Actor Become So Rich? Latest Update!

Surya is a South Indian film actor, producer, and TV host with a net worth of $10 million. Actors in the Tamil film industry are familiar with his work. He’s a household name in the South Indian film industry, therefore there’s no need to mention him.

Surya has appeared in 52 films during the course of his illustrious career, many of which were box office successes. At the box office, his films continue to set new records year after year. On top of being an actor, only Surya enjoys such a devoted fan base in the entertainment industry.

Surya is one of the world’s top 100 most famous people. So, in this piece, we’ll go through Surya’s whole net worth, including his income, salary, assets, incredible automobile collections, luxury lifestyle, profession, and biography.

Surya Sivakumar Biography

As Saravanan Sivakumar, he was born on July 23rd, 1975, in the Indian city of Chennai. The Indian actor Siva Kumar and his mother, Lakshmi Sivakumar, gave birth to him. With his younger brother Karthi, who is also an actor in the Tamil film industry, he spent most of his childhood.

He went to Loyola College, Chennai, to earn a B.Com. degree in order to finish his education. About his private life: He married Jyothika, a leading actress in the industry. They were wed in 2006. There is a daughter named Diya and a son named Dev in Surya’s family.

Surya’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Surya’s net worth in Indian rupees is 186 Crore, which is approximately $25 million in the United States. This South Indian actor is one of the top-earning actors in the industry, with a string of hits to his name.

It’s estimated that Surya makes more than 1.5 crore rupees per month. As an actor, his primary source of income is Telugu films, where he commands high fees from producers. It costs 20 to 25 crores of rupees to make a Surya movie.

In addition, he charges a lot of money through various brand promotions and television advertisements. It costs Surya two crore rupees to endorse a single brand. Every year, his net worth rises as a result of a string of mega-hits. Surya’s annual earnings are in excess of 30 crore rupees (USD).

Name Surya
Net Worth 2022 $25 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 186 Crore
Monthly Income 1.5 Crore
Yearly Income 30 Crore +
Per Movie Salary 20 To 25 Crore
Profession Actor
Gender Male

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Saravanan Sivakumar made his acting debut at the age of 22 in the 1997 Tamil film ‘Nerrukku Ner’. His career took off when he appeared as Surya in the box office smash “Kaakha Kaakha” and won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role. He then went on to star in “Nandha” (2001).

After that, he appeared in a number of blockbuster and dud movies. In the South Indian film industry, he has established himself as a leading actor. His most popular films include ‘Kaakha Kaakha,’ ‘Ghajini,’ and ‘Vaaranam Aairam,’ as well as the sequels, ‘Singam II, Ayan, and Masss, respectively.. ‘Singam 3’, a follow-up to ‘Singam 2, is currently in production (2017).

Surya Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth In 2022 $25 Million
Net Worth In 2021 $24 Million
Net Worth In 2020 $20 Million
Net Worth In 2019 $18.5 Million
Net Worth In 2018 $16 Million

Surya Assets

House: Surya is a well-known actor in the South Indian film industry, and as such, he enjoys a lavish way of life. This opulent home, which Surya and his family occupy, is situated in one of Chennai’s most expensive neighborhoods.

The apartment has been meticulously decorated and features a stunning view from the balcony. Surya purchased this lovely home in 2009, and he also invested in a number of Indian real estate properties.

Cars: Surya has a long list of expensive cars because he is a huge fan of sports and luxury automobiles. Then allow us to tell you about Surya’s automobile collection. First and foremost, he owns a ‘BMW 7 Series 730Ld.’

At Rs. 1.38 crore, this is the most expensive luxury car he owns, and he keeps it in his garage. Audi ‘Q7’ is the second most popular model. Cost: 80 Lakh rupees for this vehicle. 3rd place goes to the ‘Mercedes M-Class’ The vehicle has a price tag of Rs. 60.91 lakh (about $60,000). Item No. 4: Jaguar XJ L’ One million rupees for the last car in his collection is a lot of money.


It’s no surprise that when it comes to brands, Surya is the obvious choice for any company looking for an ambassador. “Complan” is one of the most popular health drinks on the market. Other companies that have worked with him include “Intex ropes,” “Aircel,” and “Close Up Toothpaste,” as well as “Pepsi,” “,” and “Aircel.”

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Year Category Film Result
2004 Filmfare Award
Best Supporting Actor
Pithamagan Won
2009 Filmfare Award
Best Actor
Vaaranam Aayiram
2009 Vijay Award
Best Actor
Vaaranam Aayiram Won
2010 Vijay Award
Entertainer of the Year
Ayan, Aadhavan Won
2011 Vijay Award
Entertainer of the Year
Singam Won
2017 Critics Awards
Best Actor – Tamil
24 Won

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