Trick Daddy Net Worth: How Much Does American Rapper Earn In 2022?

Maurice Rapper Trick Daddy, whose real name is Samuel Young, is a famous figure in the United States. For many years, the trick has been an essential aspect of hip-hop culture. The songs “I’m So Hood” and “I’m a Thug” became huge hits and made him famous. He recently attacked Jay-Z and made a major statement against Beyonce, claiming that she is a bad singer.

Young began his career in Liberty City, and by the late ’90s, he had already collaborated with such stars as Lil Jon, Twista, the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, and many more. There have been numerous financial and legal problems during Trick Daddy’s career.

Since he was a young man, Maurice has had multiple brushes with the law, and he continues to do so. Despite his fame and success in the music industry, Young has had a hard time keeping his finances in order and has filed for bankruptcy or attempted to do so on multiple occasions.

Early life

Maurice Samuel Young, better known as Trick Daddy, was born in Miami, Florida on September 27th, 1974. Charles Young and Pearl Brockington welcomed their son into the world. The trick is one of ten siblings raised by their mother. When he was a kid, his family moved into the Liberty Square complex, where he spent his formative years. His father, a local pimp, was also Trick’s landlord.

He and his brother Derek moved in with their dad when they were teenagers. The period of time he spent with his father coincided with his and his brother’s entry into the street-level crack-cocaine trade. At the age of 15, he was arrested for illegally carrying both drugs and firearms. The trick was taken into custody once more on charges of attempted murder. At age 20, he went to jail. That year, Trick also lost his sibling.

Trick Daddy’s Net Worth

As a rapper, actor, and producer in the United States, Trick Daddy has amassed a net worth of $150,000. Trick Daddy, whose given name is Maurice Samuel Young, has been a staple of the hip-hop scene for decades. Young began his career in Liberty City, and by the late ’90s, he had already collaborated with such stars as Lil Jon, Twista, the Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, and many more.

Net Worth: $150 Thousand
Date of Birth: Sep 23, 1973 (48 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Songwriter, Record producer, Rapper
Nationality: United States of America

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In his time after incarceration, Young met Slip-N-Slide Records founder Ted Lucas. Maurice, the future rap artist, listened to Lucas when he advised him to focus on his music instead of prison. He made his debut in 1996 with the album “Uncle Luke,” and 1997’s “Based on a True Story” was his first full-length release.

From this album came “,” which featured the single “Nann Nigga.” Big success ensued, and the song eventually reached the third spot on the rap charts. Book of Thugs, Chapter AK, Verse 47 was his next album, released in 2000. Both “Thugs Are Us” (2002) and “Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets” (2004) was released the following year. The album’s collaboration with Twista, “Let’s Go,” was destined to become a top hit.

The Ying Yang Twins, DJ Khaled, and Pitbull all joined in on the fun after that. As of the year 2008, Trick Daddy has already started his own record label, having previously released music under the Slip-n-Slide moniker. Prior to the release of his mixtape in 2011, he worked with Young Jeezy. These days, Trick Daddy makes frequent appearances on U.S. tour schedules.

Trick Daddy Personal Life

Former wife and co-star of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami,” Joy Young, was married to Trick Daddy. His wife Joy divorced him at the Season 2 get-together. By Season 3, he had moved on and was seen seeing Nikki Natural. Trick’s long battle with lupus has left him with severely damaged skin.

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Legal Issues

As early as 1993, Trick Daddy was convicted of drug possession, concealed carry, and probation violation. Subsequently, he spent 15 months in a Florida state jail. First, he was taken into custody on weapons charges in 2003; then, later that same year, he was apprehended for drug possession. Outside his Miramar, Florida residence in 2014, police found and arrested Trick Daddy on charges of cocaine and weapon possession.

Young tried to drive away in his car as police with a warrant searched the outside of his property with dogs. He was pulled over, and the officers informed him that his license was currently suspended. Then, Young inquired as to whether or not the officers’ warrant had anything to do with his past due child support. After Young admitted to keeping illegal substances on the premises, authorities executed a search warrant and located a few pieces of weapons and a small quantity of cocaine.

Over time, Trick Daddy posted a bond and was allowed to leave jail after paying $6,100. When the cops in Miami pulled Young over in the year 2020, he promptly failed a field sobriety test. The police confiscated Trick Daddy’s belongings when he was taken into prison and discovered a small amount of cocaine hidden in a dollar bill. Over time, he accrued charges of driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Real Estate

With his 2019 bankruptcy petition, Trick Daddy disclosed that he was still the owner of a house in Miramar, Florida, with an estimated worth of $350,000. The home features over 4,000 square feet of living area and is situated close to Miramar Regional Park. Real estate debt accounted for the bulk of his most recent bankruptcy petition, and it was widely speculated that he did so to prevent the sale of his property.

He owed his mortgage company over $435,000 at the time. He had not made any progress toward settling his $57,000 in overdue child support payments or the $290,000 in back taxes he owed the IRS since 2015. According to the court documents, all three of Trick Daddy’s previous bankruptcy filings were dismissed by the judge.

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Financial Issues

Trick Daddy filed for bankruptcy in the State of Florida on August 31st, 2015. There was about $630,000 in debt listed with Trick’s $430,000 in assets. He also stated that he was still making around $14,000 per month, most of which came from music royalties and club appearances. When he filed for bankruptcy, Trick Daddy owed around $35,000 in child support to one ex-girlfriend and another $22,000 to another.

In addition to the $280,000 in mortgages, he owed $290,000. Reports surfaced in 2019 that Trick Daddy had filed for bankruptcy once again. There was evidence in court that the rapper owed more than $800,000 to several creditors. He stated that he had no money in the bank and only $150 in clothes.

However, Trick Daddy still owns his Miramar property, which is currently worth $350,000. He said there was roughly $1,500 worth of furniture and electronics in the residence. Despite his continued ownership in the company, his $5,000 share in Trick & Rick Music Publishing isn’t worth anything.

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